Who performs MitraClip procedure?

A team of interventional cardiologists and imaging specialists work together to safely repair your mitral valve. You’ll be under general anesthesia for two to three hours. During the MitraClip™ procedure, your cardiologist: Inserts a catheter (small tube) through a vein in your groin.

Is MitraClip a major surgery?

Even though MitraClip Therapy is a minimally invasive medical procedure, it carries risks, and some patients may be at a higher risk than others.

Is MitraClip mechanical?

The MitraClip Device is a single-sized, percutaneously implanted mechanical clip for the reduction of mitral regurgitation.

What does a MitraClip do?

The MitraClip device grasps and coapts the mitral valve leaflets, resulting in fixed coaptation (approximation) of the mitral leaflets throughout the cardiac cycle.

How many MitraClips are there?

The number of MitraClip™ procedures have been steadily and continuously increasing since 2008 and so far, more than 80 000 procedures have been performed worldwide.

How much does a MitraClip cost?

According to data from the manufacturer, the acquisition cost for the MitraClip device is currently $30 000 per procedure and does not vary with the number of MitraClips used or implanted (Abbott internal data; personal communication with Abbott representative, August 28, 2019).

How long will a MitraClip last?

The first MitraClip® device was implanted in 2003 and laboratory testing supports durability of the device over a period of 15 years. Regular medical follow-up is essential to evaluate how the MitraClip® device is performing.

Is MitraClip a Tavr?

CHI Health offers cutting-edge treatment for structural heart disease patients, which includes the minimally invasive procedures known as transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) and MitraClip.

What is a cardiac clip?

A mitral valve clip repairs your damaged mitral valve without the need for open-heart surgery. A small metal clip, about the size of a large staple, is attached to your mitral valve via a vein in your leg. The clip stays there permanently and helps your valve to function properly again.

How much does MitraClip cost?

Is MitraClip safe?

MitraClip intervention is an effective and safe treatment for patients with symptomatic mitral regurgitation. For high-risk patients, MitraClip is a valuable alternative besides surgical and conservative treatment strategies.

What is the cost of a MitraClip?