Who played the female gargoyle in gargoyles?

Marina Sirtis
Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Demona ( lit. ‘”She-Demon”‘), voiced by Marina Sirtis, is a fictional character and one of the primary antagonists of the Disney animated television series Gargoyles.

Who is Delilah in gargoyles?

Delilah is a gargoyle living in the Labyrinth. She is Demona’s clone, with Elisa Maza’s genes used to create cosmetic differences. Due to the latter being human, this makes Delilah a human-gargoyle hybrid.

Can a human become a gargoyle?

Human Form – Gargoyles can take on human form. Flight – Gargoyles can fly under their own power. Endurance – Being made of stone, gargoyles cannot be wounded in the way other creatures can.

Do Goliath and Elisa have a baby?

Eventually, Goliath and Elisa would hold some sort of Commitment Ceremony (probably before 1999), and further down the road, even raise a child together, presumably by adoption. Greg Weisman confirmed at the 2004 Gathering that it is from this adopted child that Nicholas Natsilane Maza will be descended.

Do Goliath and Elisa have children?

Eventually, she and Goliath will have a commitment ceremony of some sort (probably by 1999). Further on down the road, they will eventually raise a child together, most likely an adopted child.

Why do demona’s eyes glow red?

Like all female gargoyles, her eyes glow red when she is angered; however, even as a human, Puck’s spell of transformation may glitch and her eyes will glow if she gets angry enough. She usually wears a gold tiara, a pair of earrings, an armband and an anklet as decorative jewelry.

Why did Gargoyles get Cancelled?

Fans weren’t happy and ratings suffered. Now airing on ABC instead of the Disney Afternoon and running in the same time slot as Power Rangers on FOX, Gargoyles was canceled after its third season.

Who does Angela end up with in gargoyles?

She is very trusting and kind, and a good judge of character. As of 1997, she and Broadway are committed mates, and they will eventually have three biological children: Artus, Gwenyvere, and Lancelot. [5] They will raise their biological offspring alongside their other rookery children in the traditional gargoyle way.