Who was Hon Lik?

Han Li or Hon Lik (Chinese: 韓力; pinyin: Hán Lì; Cantonese Yale: Hon Lik) is a Chinese pharmacist who invented the modern electronic cigarette.

When did Hon Lik make the vape?

Born in September 1951, Lik is the man responsible for inventing the modern e-cigarette when, in 2001, he started work on a device that would deliver a nicotine hit without the need to smoke cigarettes. “I already knew it would be a revolutionary product,” he told The Spectator in a 2015 interview.

Who invented the electronic cigarette?

Hon Lik
Herbert A. Gilbert
Electronic cigarette/Inventors

What is Juul net worth?

In December 2018, Juul sold a 35% stake to Altria. A year later the company’s private valuation was $38 billion. Today the company is valued at around $14 billion.

How much is puff bar company worth?

Nielsen reports that store sales of Puff Bar in the United States topped $150 million last fiscal year, but Minas and Beltran said that almost none of it is theirs.

Who is Hon Lik?

From 1990 to 1994, Hon Lik was the Deputy Director of Liaoning Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in charge of research and development of new botanical drugs. In 2003, he become Director of Western Technologies Corp.

What was Hon Lik early life like?

Early life. Hon Lik (or Han Li) is a Chinese native, born in Shenyang, China on September 26, 1951. At 18 years old he worked in a rural area far away from his friends and family, claiming this started his smoking addiction. Eventually he moved back to the city to attend school and study to be a pharmacist.

What did Hon Lik invent?

Hon Lik. Han Li or Hon Lik (Chinese: 韩力; pinyin: Hán Lì; Cantonese Yale: Hon Lik) (born September 26, 1951) is a Chinese pharmacist who invented the modern electronic cigarette.

Is Hon Lik working on an e-hookah?

In an interview with Nicolas Siridi, Hon Lik mentioned that he is working on another product, the “e-hookah”, to be sold in the Middle Eastern and North African markets. “A high-tech approach to getting a nicotine this is very lamefix”. Los Angeles Times. April 25, 2009.