Who won the battle of the seasons on The Challenge?

Zach Nichols
Frank SweeneyAshley KelseySam McGinn
The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons – Season 23/Winners

How long did Jonna and Zach date?

Shortly following filming for Total Madness, around Christmas 2019, Nichols proposed to his girlfriend of over five years, who emphatically said yes, and the couple announced a wedding date of Feb. 13, 2021. However, they postponed it due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How many seasons has Wes won?

Since then, Bergmann has played in roughly 20 seasons and won well over $300,000. He’s one of the smartest, most cunning competitors on the show, making him either a bitter enemy or steadfast ally of fellow cast members, never falling in between.

Did Danny and Melinda get married?

Danny Jamieson and Melinda Stolp Danny and Melinda fell in love when they joined the 2005 season of The Real World; she moved to Boston after the show wrapped and they were engaged by the reunion show. They tied the knot in 2008, but on Cutthroat in 2010, Melinda revealed they were divorcing. She remarried in 2016.

Are Bear and kailah The Challenge still together?

Are Bear and Kailah dating? For those who shipped the couple hard throughout the season, unfortunately, they’re not together anymore.

Where is Sarah from the challenge?

Sarah Rice After leaving The Challenge, Sarah launched a podcast, “Brain Candy,” with Susie Meister. In 2019, she announced that she and her husband had split after four years together.

Who is Chet Cannon married to?

Weds Danielle Paxton In Secret Salt Lake City Mormon Ceremony.

Where is Wes now?

Wes Bergmann When he’s not competing on the Challenge, Bergmann lives in Kansas with his wife and dog. He works as a startup engineer for BetaBlox.

Why did Abram quit The Challenge?

Battle of the Exes Odd birds of a feather, Abram and Cara Maria first fell in love on Cutthroat. But after an intoxicated Abram had a heavily publicized run-in with the police, Cara Maria decided to call it quits.