Why Bhind Morena is famous?

Morena was once known for the terror of dacoits years ago. Now its safe area with gold hearted peoples. Bhind is separate city from Morena. Now a Days Morena is famous for its business and commercial place.

Who is the SDM of Bhind?

In the video, he is seen scolding Bhind SDM Uday Singh Sikarwar in public.

Who is IAS Bhind?

District Bhind

Name Designation
Dr. Sathish Kumar S Collector & District Magistrate

Who is the SP of Bhind district?

Dr. Sathish Kumar S | District Bhind, Government Of Madhya Pradesh | India.

What is famous in Morena MP?

With popular tourist attractions in Morena, such as Mitawali Temple, Chausath Yogini Temple, Vishnu temple, Batesar Group of Temples, Shanishchara temple, and Kakanmath Temple, Madhya Pradesh hosts a large number of travel enthusiasts and allow them to enjoy the historical and cultural aspects of the city.

Why is Morena called Morena?

Morena is a district in the Chambal division of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the 50 districts of the state. The word Morena is derived from the words ‘Mor’, which means peacock and ‘Raina’, which means abundance. Historically, Morena was part of the princely state of Gwalior.

Is Bhind a district?

Bhind District is a district of Madhya Pradesh state in central India of Chambal division. The town of Bhind is the district headquarters. Bhind District is situated in Chambal region in the northwest of the state.

How many villages are there in Bhind district?

Tahsil-wise List

Sl No Tahsil Total Villages
1 Ater 106
2 Bhind 182
3 Gohad 205
4 Gormi 63

How many Tehsil are there in Bhind district?

eight tehsils
Formerly there were four tehsils, Bhind, Mehgaon, Gohad and Lahar, but at present there are eight tehsils: Bhind, Ater, Gormi, Mehgaon, Gohad, Lahar, Mihona, and Raun. The district is part of the Chambal Division.