Why did Latta Plantation Close?

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — The Historic Latta Plantation in Huntersville has closed its doors “until further notice” days after receiving backlash over a controversial Juneteenth event. The event “Kingdom Coming” was set to include stories told from the point of view of a slave owner and his newly freed slaves.

Who owns Latta Plantation in Charlotte North Carolina?

Mecklenburg County
The site is operated by a nonprofit corporation, but the land is owned by Mecklenburg County, and maintained by the Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation department. The property also houses the Ezekiel Alexander Log Home, a log building built between 1760 and 1790, that formerly sat in nearby Charlotte.

What do you do on the Latta Plantation?

The Latta Nature Preserve offers over 16 miles of trails available for hiking and horseback riding to enjoy the beautiful scenery within the forest. Being the only public property open to horseback riding, visitors can bring their own horses to enjoy thirteen miles of trail.

Who lived at Latta Plantation?

Built in 1800, Latta Place was owned by James Latta, an immigrant from Northern Ireland. A successful traveling merchant through 1820, Mr. Latta then retired and turned his property into a cotton plantation consisting of 742 acres and 34 enslaved people.

Did Latta Plantation have slaves?

Slaves owned by James Latta: (1800) James Latta owned 2 slaves. (1830) James Latta owned 23 adults and 11 children. Peter: feild slave; fugitive (1826)

How many acres is Latta Plantation?

The Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department first opened the 654 acre Latta Plantation Park Nature Preserve in 1981.

Can you swim at Latta Plantation?

Swimming is not allowed at Latta but there are two designated canoe/kayak launches and one fishing pier.

Were there slaves on Latta Plantation?

What lake is Latta Plantation on?

Mountain Island Lake
Located on the banks of Mountain Island Lake just 25 minutes north of Charlotte, Latta Plantation Nature Center is the county’s largest nature preserve, offering access to outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking and even horseback riding.

Are dogs allowed at Latta Plantation?

The Latta Plantation Nature Preserve welcomes pups as long as they’re on a 6-foot or shorter leash, and you can even bring your horse!

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