Why did Mahima Chaudhry leave films?

However, a roadblock in the form of an alleged feud with director Subhash Ghai and a horrific accident deterred her career. Mahima Chaudhary, who would be seen in at least 4-5 films every year, mysteriously faded from Bollywood.

Who is Mahima Chaudhary husband?

Bobby MukherjeeMahima Chaudhry / Husband (m. 2006–2013)

What does Mahima Chaudhary do for a living?

ModelFilm actor
Mahima Chaudhry/Professions

Is Mahima Chaudhary still married?

Mahima was also in the news when she spoke about her divorce from her husband, Bobby Mukherji. She had said that she would like to formalize divorce only when she found new love.

Why Mahima Chaudhary failed?

The actress, who made her debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the 1997 hit Pardes, went low in 2006. “Bored of her routine” or something else? Well, Mahima Chaudhary thinks that the industry lacks to provide good roles to senior female actors and thus she has now decided to stay away, reports mid-day.

Who is Mahima Chaudhary daughter?

Aryana ChaudhryMahima Chaudhry / Daughter

Who is Mahima Chaudhry daughter?

How old is Mahima Chaudhary daughter?

She has an 11-year-old daughter Ariana from her marriage.

Why does Anu Aggarwal look different?

“In the year 1999, I met with an accident and slipped into a coma. I used to live in an ashram before the accident where I had a spiritual name. After the accident, I knew nothing, but I knew my spiritual name. In 2001, I took ‘sanyas (renunciation)’ and kept my head shaved.

Is Ryan Chaudhary The son of Mahima Chaudhary?

Sharing pictures of herself and the actor with her family – daughter Ariana, sister Akansha and sister’s son Ryan – Mahima Chaudhry wrote a heartwarming note for Anupam Kher.

Who is Mahima Chaudhary’s husband Bobby Mukherjee?

For the unversed, after breaking up with Tennis star, Leander Paes, Mahima Chaudhary had gotten married to a Kolkata-based architect, Bobby Mukherjee on March 19, 2006. Bobby was a divorcee and was considering giving marriage a second shot when he had met Mahima. The two had gotten married in a hush-hush wedding which was kept under the wraps.

What happened to Mahima Mukherjee?

Besides her professional front, Mahima faced a low in her personal life as well. She got married to architect businessman Bobby Mukherji in 2006. However, due to incompatibility and differences, the couple started living separately and got divorced in 2013. She has a daughter Ariana from her marriage.

Is Mahima Chaudhary betrayed by the love of her life?

However, things become a lot complicated when she gets betrayed by the love of her life. And Bollywood actress, Mahima Chaudhary is an example of it, but she never lost her calm. Mahima Chaudhary is the epitome of strength. She is a charming and a poised woman.

Why did Mahima Chaudhry and Shah Rukh Khan divorce?

However, due to incompatibility and differences, the couple started living separately and got divorced in 2013. She has a daughter Ariana from her marriage… Actress Mahima Chaudhry hit overnight stardom with her debut film Pardes in 1997 co-starring Shah Rukh Khan.