Why does Joseph R Gannascoli walk funny?

Vito’s weight loss and bad hips came from Gannascoli’s life. (During his trudge through a rainstorm in New Hampshire, his limp is quite apparent.) Those hips would plague him until his run on The Sopranos ended. With Vito out of the picture as a character, Gannascoli had time for double hip-replacement surgery.

How old is Joseph Gannascoli?

63 years (February 15, 1959)Joseph R. Gannascoli / Age

How did Vito lose weight?

Gannascoli, who plays Vito Spatafore (and is expected to have a huge year), boasted that while the series was off the air, he lost 140 pounds using Stacker 2 XPLC,” The Post wrote in a article describing the film set. Gannascoli, however, terminated his relationship with Stacker 2 in April.

Was Joseph gannascoli in Goodfellas?

Joseph R. Gannascoli has appeared in many films including his legendary role in GOODFELLAS. He is a gourmet chef.

Is Joseph gannascoli married?

Diana BenincasaJoseph R. Gannascoli / Spouse (m. 2005)

How did Joseph gannascoli lose weight?

Gannascoli, who topped out at 334 pounds, lost 140 pounds before he returned to film the latest season of “The Sopranos.” The star was quoted in several press articles and online saying he lost the weight due to a combination of surgery, dieting and the diet drug, Stacker 2.

Did Vito in Sopranos wear a fat suit?

Actor Steve Schirripa was forced to wear a fat suit for the first two seasons of hit crime series The Sopranos because his body type didn’t fit the role.

Are Gino and Vito the same person?

In reality, Gino was portrayed by Joseph R. Gannascoli, who would later star as a different character, Vito Spatafore, in a supporting role.

Why did Vito lose so much weight?

Did Steve Schirripa wear padding on Sopranos?

The star auditioned for the role of mobster Bobby ‘Bacala’ Baccalieri during the late 1990s, when he wasn’t the big guy he became. But, because the show’s script included several jokes about the character’s burgeoning waistline, producers asked Schirripa to don a thick bodysuit to keep the storyline in check.