Why is Franchthi Cave important?

The excavations at Franchthi cave have provided a detailed look at what human life was like during the stone age. Since humans lived in the cave for such a remarkably long period of time, researchers can see how society changed as humanity evolved.

Where is the Franchthi cave located?

southwestern Argolid
Koiladha Bay, southwestern Argolid The Franchthi Cave is located on the northern side of Koiladha Bay in the southwestern Argolid. It was occupied during the Upper Palaeolithic (40,000-10,000 BC), Mesolithic (9,000-7,000 BC) and Neolithic periods (7,000-3,000 BC).

Where is Theopetra cave?

Thessaly, Greece
Theopetra Cave is located in Thessaly, Greece, on the north-east side of a limestone rock formation, 3 km (2 mi) south of Kalambaka.

What are three new features of Neolithic Greece that were found at Franchthi cave?

The beginning of the Neolithic period at Franchthi Cave is characterized by three new features: (1) the appearance of domesticated forms of sheep and goat; (2) the appearance of domesticated forms of wheat, barley, and lentil; (3) the appearance of polished stone tools (e.g. celts, with which to fell trees and thus …

What is the Mesolithic Age?

The Mesolithic Period, or Middle Stone Age, is an archaeological term describing specific cultures that fall between the Paleolithic and the Neolithic Periods. While the start and end dates of the Mesolithic Period vary by geographical region, it dated approximately from 10,000 BCE to 8,000 BCE.

Who made Theopetra Cave?

It has been speculated that these were made by several Neanderthal children, aged between two and four years old, who had lived in the cave during the Middle Palaeolithic period.

What did Mesolithic houses look like?

The Mesolithic period was 10,000 BCE to 7,000 BCE. The people were moving around not so much and they built wigwam shaped shelters in groups. The camps were moved in different seasons. The wigwams were built of wooden poles and covered with animal skins and bark.

How old is Theopetra Cave?

130,000 years old
Theopetra Cave, a 130,000 years old prehistoric site – Visit Meteora.