Are all Saginaw Power Steering pumps the same?

There are many versions of complete Saginaw pump assemblies that have been used; however, if you look at its multiple applications, most of those differences relate only to the type of reservoir and/or the pulley.

What size fitting is a Saginaw power steering pump?

Saginaw Power Steering pumps have a Female 3/8″ Inverted Flare Fitting in the back of the pump while your factory Ford high pressure steering hoses have a female 3/8″ SAE Hose end.

What is a Saginaw P series power steering pump?

This is a Saginaw “P” power steering pump. It was found on GM vehicles from the 60’s through the 90’s and is still in use on some GM trucks today. It is a wet style pump that resides inside of a reservoir can.

How much horsepower does it take to run a power steering pump?

For example, Roethlisberger tells us 8 hp is required to drive a typical Type II pump at 5,000-rpm shaft speed loaded at 700 psi. Turn One’s modified power steering pump requires only 5 hp, saving 3 hp and generating less heat at the same time.

How much pressure does a Ford power steering pump make?

p.s.i. does a typical Ford power steering pump create? The Ford CII pump (F150-350, Bronco) flows 1.5 gallons/minute at 740 psi. The pressure relief is in the pump and set at 1400 to 1500 psi.

How do I identify my Saginaw Steering box?

SAGINAW 708 GEARBOXES It is easy to identify because it mounts on the outside of the frame and the mounting tabs are on the opposite side of the gearbox. Notice how the mounting holes are on the top side of the gearbox. The one variable with the 708 gearbox is that it came with two different sector shafts.

Does removing power steering increase horsepower?

removing the power steering will greatly increase your performance.

How much horsepower does a power steering pump Rob?

During recent tests with several GM-style power steering pumps modified for competition, the tester demonstrated they absorb around 3.6 hp at 8,000 rpm. By comparison, KRC’s Pro Series 5.9 cc pump used on Aston Martin’s victorious Le Mans sports cars absorbs 1.9 hp.