Are cliff notes still available?

B&N has ceased selling Cliffs Notes titles in its stores in favor of its own study guides, which are also offered online. The new Cliffs Notes site appears to be an effort by Wiley to enhance the classic study brand for a new generation of students.

What is the best free book summary website?

The Best Websites To Read Book Summaries (Free & Paid)

  • Blinkist.
  • Instaread.
  • Readingraphics.
  • Getabstract.
  • Bookey.
  • James Clear.

What are Cliff Notes called today?

CliffsNotes now exist for hundreds of works. The term “Cliff’s Notes” has now become a proprietary eponym for similar products. IDG Books purchased CliffsNotes in 1998 for $14.2 million. John Wiley & Sons acquired IDG Books (renamed Hungry Minds) in 2001.

Are Coles notes still published?

By 1960, Coles notes sales had peaked. They had published over 120 titles, mostly on English novels; however, they also covered other subjects including maths, science, and foreign languages. Coles Notes is currently owned by Indigo Books in Canada.

Is it cheating to use sparknotes?

Sparknotes are not meant for cheating. It is an attempt to complement your reading experience. For example, you should read them alongside the real book for them to inject more sense into the contents of the actual text. Studying a book through accessing its overviews and summaries is not cheating.

Is shmoop or sparknotes better?

Some teachers felt that Shmoop’s analysis was actually superior to points made on Sparknotes. “Shmoop is a much better resource than Sparknotes, if it’s used properly,” English teacher Barbara Robbins said.

Where to buy Cliff Notes?

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Where to find Cliff Notes?

Study Guides. You can find guides on up to 40 disciplines.

  • Literature Notes. You can find more than 300 literature reviews.
  • Test Preparations. At CliffsNotes,you can prepare for the tests.
  • CliffsNotes Books. You can also buy test preparation books by CliffsNotes.
  • Mobile Application. The service features a mobile application available on Google Play.
  • How to use cliffs notes correctly?

    CliffsQuickReview: A quick reference for information on scholastic subjects,such as sciences,mathematics,and history.

  • CliffsComplete: Similar to regular CliffsNotes,but also includes notes and commentary.
  • CliffsAP: Advanced placement study guides,including action plans,test-taking strategies,reviews,and exercises.
  • Is the site Cliff Notes reliable?

    We can’t recommend Cliffs Notes, there are platforms with much better performance. Today, CliffsNotes is known as an extensive database of study materials. It has collected many life-saving tips for students as well as helpful book reviews, and one can use it in order to prepare for upcoming tests.