Are Mittenwald violins good?

About the violin This violin was made around 1870. It may be interesting to compare this instrument to a Mittenwald viola of the same period: this can be seen here. Both instruments are examples of high-quality Mittenwald making, both in the rich, dark varnish and the quality of the workmanship.

Are violins still made in Mittenwald?

Hanging on to tradition To preserve the tradition and art of entirely handmade instruments, Bavarian Elector Maximilian I commissioned a school for young violin makers in 1858. The Mittenwald school for violin making, located in the same building since 1893, still trains the next generation of artisans.

Who are the most famous violin makers?

Antonio Stradivari from Cremona, Italy is the most famous and most recognized name in the history of violin luthiers and violin making in general. His instruments are considered to be the finest among all violins in the world.

Are German violins good?

Many musicians will say that German violins fall behind Italian and French in quality and sound. Some say that many German violin brands sound incredible, especially if you know how to buy and play a violin.

Who is the best living violin maker?

5 Exceptional Violin Makers to Watch

  • Daniele Tonarelli.
  • Benedicte Friedmann.
  • Gonzalo Bayolo.
  • Ulf Kloo.
  • Marco Cargnelutti.

Who makes the best Chinese violins?

The best Chinese violin makers portrayed:

  • Zheng Quan.
  • Ming-Jiang Zhu.
  • Gao Tong Tong.
  • Lin Dian-Wei.
  • David Lien.
  • Chiao Chung-Hsing.
  • Shu Sheng Kot.
  • Feng Jiang.

Who was the first violin maker in Mittenwald?

Selling instruments in Mittenwald quickly took on a professional character: the first presumed “publisher” (i.e. broker) J. Baader hired a dependent violin maker in 1707 ( Violin by J.A. Baader & Co. ). J. A. Baader & Co. became the most important violin maker in Mittenwald along with Neuner & Hornsteiner ( Neuner & Hornsteiner violin ).

Who was the best violin maker in the world?

STADLMANN, JOHANN JOSEPH, Vienna, b. 1720, d. 1781. STADLMANN, ANDREA, Absam, 1660 to 1690. STAINER, JACOB, Absam (Tirol), b. Absam, 1521, d. 1683. Son of Martin had as his only equals Amati and Stradivarius. It was Stainer who first knowledge. Besides being an excellent violin maker, he was also a good performer.

What is Mittenwald known for?

Mittenwald, Germany is a known for violinmaking because of the Klotz family of violinmakers who specialize in making fine violins, violas and cellos. Mittenwald, Germany: The Center of German Violinmaking Home About About Benning Violins The Shop Benning Violins Staff Benning-Crafted Instruments Players Of Benning-Crafted Instruments

Where are violins made in Bavaria?

This is a region of Bavaria that is still heavily forested thanks to the Karwendel Naturepark. The violin making industry started in Mittenwald in the 17th century during the lifetimes of the renowned Italian luthiers Stradivari and Amati. This mainly due to the efforts of a tailor’s son- Matthias Klotz (Also spelled Kloz) who lived from 1653–1743.