Are Roberts DAB radios any good?

TechRadar Verdict Buy the RD70 if you want a great sounding, 1950s-styled ‘wireless’ for your kitchen. It also works as a portable Bluetooth speaker, though only on AA batteries when away from the mains. Better in the kitchen than the bedroom, this is nevertheless an excellent attempt at a DAB radio with extras.

Are Roberts radios worth it?

Roberts Radio is a UK radio brand that does a lot of things exceptionally well. When you buy a Roberts radio, you can usually rest assured that you’re going to get excellent performance, a simple user interface, and plenty of powerful sound quality.

Can I upgrade my Roberts DAB radio to DAB +?

Can my radio be upgraded to support DAB+? Unfortunately if your DAB radio was produced before 2014 then it is highly unlikely it will support the new DAB+ format. We are sorry to say these radios cannot be upgraded.

How much does a Roberts radio weigh?

Since the radio weighs only 192 g, it’s perfectly portable so you can enjoy music on the go as well as at home. In tune The Roberts Play Portable DAB+ Radio offers 10 station presets so that you can save all your top stations for easy, direct access using the button controls provided.

Do Roberts radios have an alarm?

With DAB/DAB+/FM radio and 2 alarm timers, you can wake to a buzzer or your favourite radio station.

Can you recover a Roberts radio?

We can now re-cover your Roberts Radio in fabulous William Morris Oilcloths, including Strawberry Thief and Willow Bough.

Who owns Roberts radios?

Roberts Radio

The Roberts logo (Revival version); the Roberts wordmark
Type Subsidiary
Key people Robin van Rozen (Managing director)
Products Audio & Video equipment
Owner GlenDimplex