Are there any Charming Charlie stores left?

Charming Charlie Continues Brick-And-Mortar Comeback 18 Months After Bankruptcy. Women’s apparel and accessories retailer Charming Charlie hopes to have a big comeback in 2021 some 18 months after the firm fell into bankruptcy and closed all 261 of its stores.

Is Charming Charlie back in business?

The company went on to sell products online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Last year, Charming Charlie reopened in spaces it previously occupied in Folsom’s Palladio and Fountains at Roseville.

Who bought Charming Charlies?

It was the company’s second filing in less than two years. However, Houston-based CJS Group LP, a company led by Chanaratsopon, bought the brand and its intellectual property through a bankruptcy auction in September 2019. The sale included trademarks, domain names, customer data and social media assets.

Is Charming Charlie still in business 2020?

Charming Charlie was founded by (Charming) Charlie Chanaratsopon in 2004, offering women’s apparel, accessories and more, around by color. The brand filed for bankruptcy in 2017, reorganized and came back, then announced a 2nd bankruptcy in July 2019, closing all 261 remaining stores.

Why did Charming Charlie fail?

Charming Charlies is a beloved fashion retailer that fell on rough times because of mismanagement of inventories and merchandising. The brand still maintains a solid group of followers and the demand for their products remains strong.

Who is the CEO of Charming Charlie?

Charlie Chanaratsopon (2004–)Charming Charlie / CEO

Is versona Charming Charlie?

A national retailer, called Versona, is coming soon to the Acadiana Mall inside of the former Charming Charlie space, which closed the Summer of 2019. Versona, a Cato Fashions brand, is described as “an exclusive women’s boutique offering apparel and accessories at exceptional prices every day!”

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