Are Wika gauges any good?

Build quality is good (all plastic externals and stainless mount and internals. The large 4″ face is very easy to read and it covers a good range (remember that gauges are most accurate in their middle 50% of the range). I am using it to check the pressure in truck tires and it works great for this purpose.

What is a compound gauge?

Simply put, a compound gauge is a device that can display both positive and negative (vacuum) pressures. You need to use a compound gauge when you are measuring a system that is exerting both positive and negative pressure on the gauge.

Are liquid filled gauges better?

While some customers are concerned about the extra cost of liquid filling for a pressure gauge, the long-term payoff is clear: Better protection against vibration, pulsation, corrosion, and moisture makes for a longer-lasting, more reliable instrument.

What are the disadvantages of gauges?

Limitations or Disadvantages of Limit Gauges:

  • Do not Indicate Exact Size: Limit gauges do not indicate exact size of the component.
  • Errors due to Wear: Limit gauges are subjected to errors due to wear of gauges during use.
  • Difficulty in Checking of Finer Tolerance:

What is the compound gauge measurement range?

Typically they are used for pressure measurement of 200 psi or less. If a compound pressure transducer is used for higher pressure ranges, the error band of 0.25% of full scale can exceed the vacuum range of -14.7 psi.

What units does a compound pressure gauge?

The compound gauge measures low pressure (psig) and vacuum (inches Hg.). The high pressure gauge measures high side (discharge) pressure. The manifold is also equipped with a center port, (usually a YELLOW hose), that can be connected to a recovery device, evacua+on vacuum pump, or charging device.

What is the lowest pressure on a compound gauge?

An absolute pressure gauge uses a full vacuum as zero. When the unit is sealed, it’s done under a complete vacuum. Therefore, all of its measurements are positive. With compound pressure, the zero reference point is atmospheric pressure, which is ~15 psi at sea level.

Who owns Wika?

In 1967 Ursula Wiegand took over the control of the company from her late husband. For her exceptional achievements she received the state medal for outstanding service in 1984. In the following year she was the first woman to be chosen as the business woman of the year.

Where is WIKA from?

Company centre – Quality made in Germany The registered office and the main factory of the WIKA Group, which operates internationally, has been in Klingenberg am Main in Lower Franconia since its founding in 1946.