Are Wilson CB antennas any good?

For 50 years, Wilson has been the name to trust in providing the very best in CB antennas and accessories. With exceptional customer service and industry leading technical experts, Wilson hosts a rare degree of customer loyalty and is second to none in its quality and innovation.

Who makes Wilson antenna?

Wilson Antennas: Wilson is part of a family of brands such as RoadKing, Solarcon, Francis, RoadPro, Diesel, and More! Wilson antennas are popular with truckers for their high quality and durability.

Where is the best place to mount a CB antenna?

How to Install a CB Antenna

  • The best place for your standard antenna is the center of your roof, where you will have the greatest ground plane coverage.
  • When you install a CB antenna on the fender, bumper, or anywhere else around the edge of your vehicle, you will have a weaker signal going away from the vehicle.

Does a CB antenna mount need to be grounded?

Ground Your Antenna Mount If you’re using a standard CB antenna (i.e., anything except a no ground plane, or NGP, kit), you’ll need to make sure your antenna mount is solidly grounded to the vehicle’s chassis. A bad ground will result in an un-tunable antenna and sky-high SWR levels.

How tall is a Wilson 1000 CB antenna?

11.5 feet
The antenna tuned a little long on this vehicle, but both set screws are fully engaged on the whip. The tip of the antenna is 138″ above the ground, or 11.5 feet, so it should clear bridges.

Why do trucks have two CB antennas?

On average, dual CB antennas are a better choice for truckers because they: Reduce signal blind spots caused by your own trailer and other obstacles on the road. Increase your range in front and behind your truck at the cost of a shorter range on either side.

Does CB coax length matter?

The coaxial cable running from your radio to the antenna is VERY important. Everything you transmit and receive must travel along it’s length. All too often, the coax is ignored and performance suffers because of the lack of attention it receives. We recommend 18 feet of coax even if you don’t need that much.

Does length of CB antenna matter?

Yes, taller/longer is better for range of distance when it comes to an antenna and the optimal antenna length is 1/4 wavelength. That translates to 102 inches (8.5 feet), too tall to be practical for most mobile applications.