Can Joshua Graham be a permanent companion?

About this mod. Adds Joshua Graham as a fully voiced permanent companion in an immersive and seamless way.

Can Joshua Graham be a companion in the Mojave?

About this mod Turns Joshua Graham into a possible companion you can take into the Mojave. He’s fully functional and fully voiced using Graham’s in-game audio files.

What does Tales from the Commonwealth add?

The Tales from the Commonwealth mod adds quests and companions. The Atomic Radio mod adds a radio station. The Settlers of the Commonwealth mod adds settlers with interesting dialogue.

Where is Belcher’s Cave Fallout 4?

the Glowing Sea
The Cave is a outdoors Location in the far Southwestern area of The Commonwealth, in the Glowing Sea. It is located to the East of the Capsized Factory, and West of Vault 95.

What is Tales of the Commonwealth?

Tales from the Commonwealth XB1 PC is an extensive world building mod that adds hundreds of new characters as well as a ton of new quests, three new companions and dialogue to Fallout 4.

Does Caesar know Joshua Graham is alive?

You can tell him you’ve met Caesar. He’ll reply that it doesn’t matter, because Caesar already knows Graham is alive and has sent assassins before. If you kill Graham, Caesar won’t acknowledge it because the official word is that he’s already dead, and Graham points this out to you.

Does Christianity still exist in Fallout?

Background. Though the ruins of churches can be found across post-War America, Christianity is still practiced across the former nation. New Christian groups found after the war include Saint Monica’s Church in Rivet City and the Abbey of the Road, a Christian monastery somewhere west of the Commonwealth.

Does Diamond City security Respawn?

These turrets will respawn or reset to their activated state after a few days. Leaving Diamond City for 24 hours or longer will reset all hostile guards in the city.

How do you stick up Solomon?


  1. To stick up Solomon and Fred Allen, simply click on them with the appropriate armor on.
  2. In order to stick up Solomon, the player must be wearing one of the vanilla DC Guard helmets (000AF0F6, 000AF0F7) and the DC Guard torso (000AF0EE). Other armor parts are not necessary.