Can namespace be same as class name?

Inside a namespace, no two classes can have the same name. In C#, the full name of the class starts from its namespace name followed by dot(.) operator and the class name, which is termed as the fully qualified name of the class.

Is a class A namespace C++?

Difference between namespace and class in C++ The namespace and classes are two different concepts. Classes are datatypes. Classes are basically extended version of structures. Classes can contain data members and functions as members, but namespaces can contain variables and functions by grouping them into one.

Can two namespace have same name?

Absolutely nothing, as far as you avoid to use the using namespace ; directive. As David Vandevoorde said, the “fully qualified name” (the standard term for him “complete name”) is different, while you have to prefix the name with, ::, and compiler can make the difference between both.

Why is namespace used in C++?

Namespaces are used to organize code into logical groups and to prevent name collisions that can occur especially when your code base includes multiple libraries. All identifiers at namespace scope are visible to one another without qualification.

Can object and class have same name?

Yes, It is allowed to define a method with the same name as that of a class. There is no compile-time or runtime error will occur.

Which should have a same name as class name?

Constructor is a special method that is invoked automatically at the time of object creation. It is used to initialize the data members of new objects generally. Constructor in C++ has the same name as class or structure. Hence the correct answer is Constructor.

What happens when two namespaces have the same name explain with code?

for the purpose of avoiding conflicts with the elements of an unrelated code which have the same names. – When two name spaces are having same name, the corresponding compiler uses our name spaces instead of the type.

Can we have two classes with same name under the same package?

There can only be one fully qualified name per project.