Can we keep Kuber Yantra at home?

This Kuber Yantra can be kept in a home, office, temple or even in a cash box for blessings of Lord Kubera.

How do you energize Kuber Yantra?

You must chant the mantra of Kuber while meditating on it. The Kuber mantra is “Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberaya Namaha”. When you do this, you will be blessed with wealth and success. For best results, chant the mantra a minimum of 21 times and a maximum of 108 times a day, as it is the best way to please Lord Kuber.

What is the benefit of Kuber Yantra?

According to religious beliefs, when Lord Kubera is worshiped along with Goddess Lakshmi, then he becomes very happy. Due to which there is happiness and prosperity in the family. Benefits of Kuber Yantra: Poverty is destroyed by the installation of this yantra. Along with the increase in wealth comes respect.

Which side should Kubera face?

Kuber is known to have and control money and riches in the whole world and heaven, the abode of Gods and Goddess. Kuberaâ€s dwelling is supposed to be in Himalayas and he is facing the South direction.So it is necessary to place him in the North at home.

What is Kuber Laxmi yantra?

Laxmi Kuber Yantra is the most effective yantra among all. Goddess Laxmi manifests happiness, money, spiritual satisfaction and prosperity whereas Lord Kuber is the God of wealth and success.

What is Kuber Laxmi Yantra?

How can I please god Kubera?

While worshiping Kubera Yantra, one should chant the mantra of Lord Kubera. Om Shri Hrin Klin Shri Klin Vitteshwarai Namaha. This mantra has to be chanted 21 or 108 times every morning. Worship of Kubera can be started on any Friday night of Shukla Paksha.

What is Kubera Yantra and how to use it?

No matter how hard finances have been, Lord Kubera has the power to give you what you have been missing in your life. Kubera Yantra is generally used by a lot of spiritual people, who meditate on a regular basis. The moment you lay your eyes upon the center of this Mantra, the energy starts flowing into you.

How to chant Lord Kubera mantra?

Kuber mantras can be chanted 108 times in a round, and this cycle can be continued for 21 days for getting the desired results. You can even use your Jaap Maala for the same. You can use Lotus flower while praying to Lord Kubera. Chant the mantras with all your purity.

How to do Surya Yantra at home?

Place rounded dots of sandalwood paste on the 4 corners and in the center of the Yantra. Light a candle or ghee lamp and an incense stick in front of the Yantra. You can offer fresh or dry fruits as Prasad, as well. Chant the Mantra above in front of the Yantra, preferably after showering.

Who is Lord Kubera and what are his blessings?

Lord Kubera, the God of riches and material wealth, showers his blessings on you through this Yantra. The legends quote that Kubera is the Banker in Heaven, and he is the God of Yakshas (an exotic tribe of semi-divine beings who guard the wealth of the earth). When you worship him properly, he blesses you with money, material comforts and success.