Can you get Jammie Dodgers in the US?

A favourite of children and adults alike. Most popular with customers in United States of America (USA), France, Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Japan and Austria, but you can buy Burtons Jammie Dodgers for delivery worldwide. One of our Burtons branded products.

What is the original flavour of Jammie Dodgers?

raspberry jam
The original raspberry jam-filled shortcake biscuits have been replaced with two new fillings: gooey apple and magical strawberry.

What is a jammy in British slang?

Definition of jammy British Informal. very lucky. British Informal. pleasant; easy; desirable: He has a jammy job.

Where does the name Jammy Dodger come from?

Etymology. Jammie Dodgers is a biscuit that was named after Roger the Dodger, a comic book character featured in The Beano. The Jammie part, could be attributed for the jam fillings. The comic book first appeared in 1953 and if you’re wondering what Roger was dodging, it was homework.

What Flavours of Jammie Dodgers are there?

The Jammie Dodgers Range

  • Jammie Dodgers Original Raspberry. Find out more.
  • Jammie Dodgers Minis. Find out more.
  • Jammie Dodgers Magical Strawberry. Find out more.
  • Jammie Dodgers Gooey Apple. Find out more.
  • Jammie Dodgers Cherry Burst. Find out more.
  • Choccie Dodgers. Find out more.
  • Choccie Dodgers Minis.
  • Jammie Dodgers Cola Bottle.

Does a jammy dodger have cream in?

Vanilla Thriller Jammie Dodgers have vanilla cream in them.

Why do Jammie Dodgers use apple jam?

Plums and Apples are very rich in it soft fruits such as raspberries don’t have so much and strawberries are notoriously low in it. Hence to get really stiff jam capable of holding the two sides of the jamie dodger together Burton’s have gone for a plum based jam.

Does a Jammy Dodger have cream in?

What does jammy mean in Australia?

If you describe someone as jammy, you mean that they are very lucky because something good has happened to them, without their making much effort or deserving such luck.

Are Jammy Dodgers German?

My Christmas cookie baking continued last weekend with these classic Swiss/Austrian/German cookies. They are essentially a buttery shortbread type biscuit sandwiched together with raspberry jam.

Are Jammy Dodgers vegan?

Jammie Dodgers don’t contain any milk or dairy products. Importantly for allergy sufferers, Jammie Dodgers are also made on a separate production line from biscuits which do contain milk. This means that Jammie Dodgers are completely dairy free so they’re suitable for people with a milk allergy as well as vegans.