Do blue badge holders pay for parking in Wales?

Some local authorities allow blue badge holders to park for free for as long as they need to. Others have not adopted this policy. Always check with the relevant authority before parking to avoid a potential fine. You must display the Blue Badge.

Can you park on Churchill Way Cardiff?

Choose from thousands of spaces in Churchill Way – including on-street parking, off-street car parks and 220 reservable spaces.

Is disabled parking free in Wales?

There is no charge for blue badges in Wales. The majority of our car parks offer disabled parking bays. They allow blue badge holders to park as close to their destination as possible (see ‘Where are the car parks, below).

What benefits do Blue Badge holders get?

The Blue Badge Scheme provides a range of parking benefits for disabled people who have difficulty walking. For example, you can park for free in pay-and-display bays and also on double and single yellow lines.

Can I use my disabled parking permit in the UK?

If you are registered as blind, you will also automatically qualify for the Blue Badge scheme. The parking permit may be used to park in disabled spaces in the UK and in all countries within the European Union and the European Economic Area.

What are the criteria for a blue badge?

People who may get a Blue Badge

  • you cannot walk at all.
  • you cannot walk without help from someone else or using mobility aids.
  • you find walking very difficult due to pain, breathlessness or the time it takes.
  • walking is dangerous to your health and safety.

Where can I park for free in Cardiff Bay?

Free Overnight Parking in Cardiff City Centre

  • Augusta Street.
  • Despenser Gardens.
  • Despenser Street.
  • Clare Street.
  • Dinas Street.
  • Clare Gardens.
  • Clare Place.
  • Beauchamp Street.

What is a red zone parking permit Cardiff?

Red permits are only valid for parking within resident permit holders’ only or resident permit holders’ shared use parking places on the street or streets named on the permit. Regulatory signs in the area will indicate where you can and cannot park, and must be complied with at all times.

How do I apply for a disabled persons parking place?

If you believe that you meet the requirements and you would like to apply for a disabled persons parking place, please fill in the following contact form requesting an application form that will be posted to you. Once we have received your application, we will contact you within 8 weeks​.

Where can I Park with a blue permit?

These areas are shown by regulatory signs at the beginning of the permit area and blue permit holders’ are allowed to park anywhere in the area named on the permit, subject to any other parking restrictions. The type of Blue Permit you will be permitted to apply for depends on where you live:

Can I ask for a disabled persons parking space outside my house?

If you have permanent special mobility needs, you can ask for a disabled persons parking place outside your home. The parking space will be sited as near as possible to your house bearing in mind the characteristics of the road, traffic flow and any other restrictions. It can be used by any disabled Blue Badge holder.