Do Daemon and Katy have babies?

In The Burning Shadow, Katy is pregnant with her first child with Daemon, and due any time. In The Brightest Night, Daemon and Katy welcome their son Adam Black.

Is Obsidian becoming a movie?

Sierra Pictures will finance and produce the film adaptation of Obsidian, about a 17-year-old girl who discovers that her neighbor is anything but the normal guy next door.

What book comes after Onyx?

The reading order is as follows: Shadows (prequel, novella), Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Origin, and Opposition.

What happened to Dawson in lux series?

He met a human girl named Bethany Williams and fell in love with her, but dire consequences came from their relationship, causing Dawson to be captured by the Department of Defense and being tortured for years while his family thought he was dead. At the end of Onyx, Dawson made his appearance at Katy’s doorstep.

Do I have to read Shadows before Obsidian?

To be quite honest, it doesn’t really matter what order your read these two books in—Obsidian before Shadows, or Shadows before Obsidian… they’re both beautifully written and captivating, and you should read them both.

What happened to Dawson in Lux series?

What is the book obsidian about?

Armentrout – review. Obsidian tells the journey of Katy, a 17 year old who has recently moved to West Virginia. She tries to befriend her neighbours, Dee and Daemon Black, but while she and Dee become close friends, Daemon is very arrogant and shows much hatred towards Katy.

Is obsidian a good book to start with?

If you’re looking for a good Young Adult novel from a very talented author, then Obsidian is the book for you. After you finish it, you will wish you were kidnapped by aliens (the hot ones who don’t look like Chewbacca anyway). I want to believe.

Is there any untapped potential in Obsidian?

There is so much untapped potential there. In Obsidian you have hundreds of aliens living in West Virginia amongst humans. They’re in the schools, holding normal jobs and interacting with humans on a regular basis. So what happens if someone finds out their secret?

Is obsidian by Jennifer Aniston worth reading?

I really enjoyed Jennifer’s take on the aliens in Obsidian: how they got there, their powers, the villains. It reminded me a bit of Smallville but it was still original and incredibly exciting. The book definitely does not lack in action and the climactic ending was completely fulfilling.

What do you think about Dee and Daemon?

I think Dee is a great person and she’s absolutely a lot of fun. I was also very happy with Katy’s mom. She was down to earth, funny and caring. Daemon, yes, you need your own paragraph. Daemon is very likely going to end up on the top of everyone’s “most sexiest male character” list. He is definitely on mine!