Do you need a license to use stock photos?

Stock photographs are readily available images that come with licenses for commercial purposes. Instead of hiring a photographer, you can take these ‘ready to use’ images and utilize them on various projects. They go hand-in-hand with professional copy. But to use the photos, you need proper permission.

What is a license on stock photos for?

In stock photography, rights are sold to use an image. The sale of use rights is known as licensing. There are 2 main types of licenses used in stock photography: Rights Managed and Royalty Free.

Can I use stock photos legally?

Here’s how to use stock photos legally: As long as they are labeled for commercial use, you can use stock photos in multiple designs and projects with a for-profit purpose, including websites, marketing and advertising, branding, and more.

Do I need a business license to sell on Shutterstock?

You do not have to license your images exclusively through Shutterstock. This means you can also upload your content to other stock agencies or websites for licensing. Shutterstock will pay you a royalty for each unique download of your content by a customer.

How can I take stock photos without being sued?

Apart from stock photography websites, you can look for pictures with a Creative Commons license. Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that offers free and flexible licenses. The creator of these pictures has fully waived a copyright and allows anyone to use (and modify) the images as they see fit.

Are stock photos public domain?

Free Stock Photos’ collection of stock photos and clip art contains both public domain images and images with other licenses, so make sure to check the license of each image. You can read more about their licenses and policies here.

Can I legally use Shutterstock images?

Yes! You can use Shutterstock images on websites without any restrictions on the number of viewers or hits on the website. Under the Standard License, images can also be used in web video without regard to audience size, provided that the production budget is less than $10,000 USD.

Can I sell images from Shutterstock?

Yes! The Enhanced License permits you to use images on merchandise, whether that merchandise is intended for sale, or given away for free. There are no limits on the number of times you can use the image on your merchandise.

Can I use stock photos for my painting?

Artwork for sale that uses a stock image requires an Extended License. This is even if you manipulate an image. It is considered that the primary value of your artwork is in the stock photo itself. In essence, without the stock photo, your artwork would not exist and you would have nothing to sell.

Why you shouldnt use stock images?

Stock images are not only generic, but they can be expensive in the long run. Stock images often have licensing fees, and restrictions on where they can be used, and for what purpose.

Can Adobe stock images be used commercially?

You can use Adobe Stock assets, except for the ones marked “editorial use only,” in any creative project, such as print ads, brochures, presentations, posters, book covers, commercials, websites, and annual reports. For the complete Adobe Stock image licensing terms, see