Does Connie have a crush on Steven?

In “Change Your Mind”, Connie returns her feelings to Steven by helping him recovering his gemstone after it was extracted by White Diamond and she and Steven hug each other after Steven finally reunites with his gem, showing that she loves him and he loves her.

What is the age difference between Connie and Steven?

In the show Steven turns 14 when Connie is 12 3/4. I just kept their age gap the same! So Steven is 20, turning 21, and Connie is 19 3/4.

Who is Steven’s girlfriend?

Connie Maheswaran
Connie Maheswaran is Steven Universe’s best friend-turned-girlfriend, and a member of the Crystal Gems who debuted in the episode “Bubble Buddies”.

Is Shep a boy or a girl?

Character Information Shep is a non-binary queer character from Steven Universe Future.

What does maheswaran mean?

Shiva Region
Meaning. Shiva. Region of origin. Southern India. North-eastern Sri Lanka.

Is spinel a boy or girl?

If you have any doubt, let’s look into Russian language: among all fine gems’ names, the only one in feminine gender is Spinel.

Who is Bartlett dating?

And, Dragons’ Den star Steven Bartlett, 29, and his French influencer girlfriend Melanie Vaz Lopez held hands as they wore matching hoodies while out and about in London, on Friday.

Who is Connie Maheswaran?

The Earth is my home too, can’t I help protect it? Connie Maheswaran is Steven’s best friend and a member of the Crystal Gems. After meeting him, she slowly began to learn about him, the Gems, and their past.

Why do the maheswarans allow Connie to stay with Steven?

The Maheswarans are impressed with the Gems parental abilities, and allow Connie to continue being with Steven. Yeah. There was a dance at my school, and I was really excited about it…but, I just couldn’t bring myself to go.

Is Connie Maheswaran Steven’s girlfriend?

As of “The Future” episode of Steven Universe Future, they finally become boyfriend and girlfriend. Connie Maheswaran began as Steven’s best friend before eventually becoming his girlfriend and the only official completely human member of the Crystal Gem. She made her official debut in the episode “Bubble Buddies”.

What is the relationship between Doug Maheswaran and his daughter Connie?

Like his wife, Doug Maheswaran is very protective of his daughter. As such, Connie holds her father in a similar regard to her mother, caring for him deeply and respecting his commands, yet on occasion exploiting loopholes and lying if necessary. Connie’s relationship with her father is explored in more detail in “Doug Out”.