Does GCU require freshmen to live on campus?

GCU does not require that freshmen live on campus. However, GCU provides a wide array of housing opportunities for those wishing to partake in the full experience of life at GCU. For more information about freshman housing, please visit Residential Life and Housing Operations.

Do GCU dorms have kitchens?

Learn how to cook: Cooking some of your own meals will help save money and give you some healthier options to avoid the dreaded “Freshman 15.” While GCU’s freshman dorms do not have kitchens, you are allowed some appliances including a refrigerator and microwave.

What dorms are in the Grove at GCU?

Of course, there are the Grove buildings such as Acacia, Juniper, Ironwood and Willow, which are freshman housing. I lived in Acacia as a freshman and it was amazing.

Where do freshman live at GCU?

Acacia Hall, Ironwood Hall, and Willow Hall are open to all freshmen, while Juniper Hall has some reserved housing for students joining our Honors Institute. If you’re looking for something closer to the heart of campus, check out Hegel Hall or Canyon Hall, which both also offer suite-style accommodations.

Do GCU dorms come with a fridge?

Although students aren’t required to live on campus at GCU, THE EXPERIENCE IS UNLIKE ANY OTHER! Student will have their own bedroom but will share a bathroom with one other student. Includes kitchen equipped with refrigerator, freezer, oven and electric range top and microwave.

Is there a dress code at GCU?

No clothing that has been altered to reveal suggestive parts of the body. No wallet chains, chains or any other clothing that can be used as a weapon(s). GCU and American Fields of Phoenix have the authority to determine what appropriate apparel is and reserves the right to modify the dress expectations as needed.

Is GCU laundry free?

Seventh-graders Victoria Roman and Jayden Schuerman of Victory Collegiate Academy told judges at Tuesday’s Canyon Showcase that they noticed students at their school didn’t have access to running water. So their team created a free, mobile laundry service.

Does GCU have single dorms?

In a single occupancy room (apartment), a student does not share a bedroom. Most apartments have four bedrooms per suite. Residence halls are set up with double or triple occupancy bedrooms. In a double occupancy room, a student will share a bedroom with one direct roommate.