Does iFi xCAN have a DAC?

Although it is marketed as mainly an amplifier, the iFi xCAN actually has a DAC inside it in order to perform the conversion from the digital Bluetooth signal to the analogue signal fed to headphones.

Is iFi a good brand?

If you’re looking for a high quality portable DAC, this iFi is well worth a place on the shortlist. The hip-dac’s combination of battery power, fine build and easy-going sound quality makes it one of the front-runners at this level.

Where are iFi products manufactured?

IFi Audio products are developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. The components used are from Germany, the USA and Japan.

What is iDAC headphones?

iDAC is the first digital-to-analog converter to adopt an ES9018K2M hi-res DAC chip. The bite-sized DAC wotkd by acting as a filter between your cellphone and headphones thus enhancing the presentation of your music to 24bit/192khz DAC.

How powerful is the IFI hip-DAC?


Formats supported DSD256/128/64, Octa/Quad/Double/Single-Speed DSD DXD(384/352.8kHz), PCM(384/352.8/192/176.4/96/88.2/48/44.1kHz) MQA
Power Output (@1% THD) BAL: [email protected] Ohm ; S-BAL(SE): [email protected] Ohm BAL: [email protected] Ohm ; S-BAL (SE): [email protected] Ohm
Battery Lithium-polymer 2200mAh

How do you charge the IFI hip-DAC?

Connect your phone to hip-dac with Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (Apple) or USB On-The-Go (OTG) cable (Android). When using other audio sources connect with a USB cable. Tip: It is preferable to use a USB 3.0 port over using a USB 2.0 port on the PC. For charging only.

Is iFi audio a Chinese company?

Born in England in 2012 as the brainchild of ultra-hi-fi company AMR, iFi was conceived to deliver portable and desktop audio products that addressed the growing trend of computer-based audio.

Is iFi audio Chinese?

“It’s a known fact that AMR/iFi are a British company. It’s also true that our Pro iDSD and every other iFi/AMR product are made in China where we’re fortunate to own our own factory. Our circuit boards, chassis, software design, manufacturing/production are all handled in-house and divided between the UK and China.

Is iFi hip-DAC balanced?

The hip-dac boasts a balanced, analogue stage to bring you the best musicality for miles around. It sports a 4.4mm balanced output for balanced headphone cables/connectors.

Does iFi hip-DAC support MQA?

iFi is filling a gap in it’s line of DACs. The company has just introduced the super compact and highly affordable hip-dac. In fact, it’s the cheapest DAC/amp in their line-up.

Can I use IFI hip-DAC while charging?

Yes, you can charge and play at the same time. If you actually have the xDSD permanently attached to USB power it will enter “desktop” mode after the first time the battery is charged fully and the unit is turned off.

What Is Hip-DAC?

The hip-dac boasts a balanced, analogue stage to bring you the best musicality for miles around. It sports a 4.4mm balanced output for balanced headphone cables/connectors. For those ‘hissy’ IEMs, use the 3.5mm S-Balanced. Enjoy all the benefits of balanced from your single-ended connection.

What is an IFI micro idac2?

iDAC 2 The astounding iFi Micro iDAC2 is a digital-to-analog converter with built-in headphone amp. It is perfect for all audiophiles and music lovers to upgrade their home or professional audio setup. Use with a desktop computer, laptop, or home audio system to add power and high-fidelity audio.

Is the IDAC a headphone amplifier as well as a DAC?

With a USB socket on one end, and output phono (RCA) sockets on the other, the only other point of interest is the headphone output socket and the headphone volume control knob. Yes, the iDAC is a headphone amplifier as well as USB DAC!

Who is iFi Audio?

iFi audio is under our parent company, AMR, Abbingdon Music Research, which designs and produces top-end luxurious audio products. AMR saw in 2010 that customer demand for wireless and portable headphones was expanding as the whole audio dynamic was changing.

What is the IDAC and how does it work?

Disclaimer: A big thank you to Ifi for loaning me the iDAC for this review! The iDAC is a combined DAC and headphone amplifier. The ESS 9023 Sabre DAC and class 2 Asynchronous USB is capable of decoding audio up to 24bit 192khz.