Does Krakow have underground?

The underground square central museum of Kraków is situated below the market square of the city. The museum is approximately 4000 square meters in size….Rynek Underground.

Historical Museum of Kraków Rynerk Underground
Branch of Historical Museum of Kraków

How long does Rynek Underground take?

1 hour 30 minutes.

What is in the Rynek Underground museum?

Situated four meters below the Main Square, Rynek Underground (Podziemia Rynku) is a unique museum that takes visitors through the excavated Middle Ages vendors’ stalls. It includes multimedia exhibits, videos, and Medieval artefacts that will introduce tourists to the Medieval times in Kraków.

Where is the entrance to the underground museum in Krakow?

(The actual museum entrance is located on the side opposite St. Mary’s Basilica. Once you’ve negotiated the scrum of getting inside your experience begins with a short film projected on a wall of smoke, before following the trail of truly remarkable exhibits displayed in what is essentially an archaeological site.

Are trams free in Krakow?

Public Transport in Krakow One-way ticket for a municipal bus or a streetcar (tram) is 6 zloty (an equivalent of roughly euro 1.4). You can buy it at many newsstands and from ticket machines at downtown stops and in most buses and tram cars.

Is the Krakow tourist card worth it?

Is it worthwhile? The Kraków Tourist Card is worthwhile if you wish to visit the city’s main tourist attractions and are planning to use the public transport system.

Can you drink the tap water in Krakow?

“In Krakow, you can safely drink water straight from the tap, without boiling. Kranowianka contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.” Krakow Poland, tap water is safe for drinking.

How much is a tram ticket in Krakow?

Public transport in Krakow is not expensive. A single 1-hour ticket for Krakow public transport costs 5 PLN, a 20-minutes ticket costs 2,80 PLN. These are your bus & tram pass, as long as you do not buy a single-use ticket.

Where can I pick up a Krakow card?

The card can be purchased on the website and picked up at one of few points in Krakow listed below:

  • ​​​​​​​Discover Cracow Office: Piłsudskiego 7 (Happy Pack Office)
  • InfoKraków Pawilon Wyspiańskiego – pl.
  • InfoKraków ul.
  • InfoKraków Sukiennice – Rynek Główny 1/3.
  • InfoKraków ul.
  • InfoKraków ul.
  • InfoKraków Powiśle 11.

Should I tip in Poland?

Tipping in Poland isn’t obligatory, but it is a considerate way to show appreciation for those who work so hard in the service industry. There are no set rules about how much to tip, so it is up to you how much you leave for service that exceeds expectations.