Does LifeProof Nuud protect screen?

LifeProof does include an optionally installable screen protector with the Nuud but it’s not glass and doesn’t fit the cutout perfectly. In terms of screen protection, we rated this case with the optional installable screen protector which is fairly thick.

Are Nuud LifeProof cases waterproof?

The LifeProof Nuud is a unique case. The case doesn’t come with a screen protector but is still waterproof and drop-rated to 6ft.

What is the difference between LifeProof Nuud and fre?

The obvious difference is that the LifeProof Nuud has no screen protector and the LifeProof Fre does. If screen viewability is a high priority, you might go with the Nuud. The Fre’s screen protector will diffuse the iPhone’s screen and if you’re picky, you might even notice the gap between the screen and the case.

Do I need a screen protector if I have a LifeProof case?

A: If you are buying the “Fre” model of Lifeproof cases, no screen protector is necessary. In fact, all of my previous Lifeproof Fre cases have fit so snugly that I doubt a screen protector would have fit, and would probably would have compromised the waterproof integrity of the case itself.

How does LifeProof Nuud work?

The Fre is a traditional, fully enclosed case whereas the Nuud uses what Lifeproof calls screenless technology. What this means is the screen of the phone is exposed, but sealed against water and dust via a rubber o-ring that closes against the smooth surface of the iPhones’s screen.

Do you need a screen protector with a LifeProof case?

A: Yes. All the Lifeproof Fre cases include a screen protector built into the case. The Lifeproof Nuud cases do not have a screen protector, but still claim to be waterproof by making a seal directly to your phone’s original screen. A: Yes, just make sure you test it first without your phone in it.

Is Lifeproof part of OtterBox?

LifeProof, a San Diego maker of waterproof cases for iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices, said today it has been acquired by larger rival OtterBox for an undisclosed price.