Does Salman Khan smokes cigarette?

Salman Khan was once a chain smoker but he suffered from a painful facial nerve disorder.

Does Akshay Kumar do smoking?

This come after the actor stepped back from a pan masala brand’s advertisement following criticism. In a statement posted on social media, Akshay said that he “has not and will not” endorse tobacco. “‘While I have not endorsed tobacco’!!

Do shilpa Shetty smoke?

Shilpa Shetty: Shilpa has maintained her perfectly toned body with gym sessions and yoga. The actress has always said no to alcohol and cigarettes.

Is Anil Kapoor a smoker?

Anil Kapoor: No, I’ve never been a smoker, Raj in my life. I’ve always been on and off. You know, I am one of those guys who would bum a cigarette from someone. If I have a director who smokes and then I would see his packet.

Does Abhishek smoke?

The handsome hunk also doesn’t drink and smoke. The actor lives a rather simple life, as he is hardly seen at any Bollywood Celebrities late parties.

Will mammootty smoke?

Later, he continued the trend in films like Nenu Naa Rakshasi. But later, quit the habit after facing vocal issues. Malayalam Megastar Mammootty was a chain smoker several years ago but given up the habit completely now.

Who is alcoholic in Bollywood?

1. Ranbir Kapoor. Ranbir Kapoor is an alcoholic in real life. The actor is crazy for drinking and also has admitted about his drinking problem in front of the media.

Did Sidharth Malhotra smoke?

Sidharth Malhotra Shershaah star neither drinks alcohol nor smokes.

Can Mahesh Babu smoke?

Popular Telugu actor, Mahesh Babu was a chain smoker, but now he doesn’t even smoke on screen as he does not want to mislead fans.

Does Vijay drink and smoke?

Does Vijay drink alcohol or smoke? No. Vijay doesn’t smoke or drink.

Do Shahrukh Khan drinks?

He knows that there are a few more unhealthy practices that he follows as well. “For starters, I sleep for only four hours every day. Then I also drink black coffee.

Does Amitabh Bachchan smoke or drink?

Amitabh Bachchan has also claimed that he never touched alcohol throughout his career and has refrained from smoking and eating meat.