Does Spectral DNC really work?

Conclusions: Spectral. DNC-N® significantly reduced hair shedding, with a corresponding increase in hair mass and density. These effects were already evident after 3 months’ treatment and further improved in those patients who continued treatment to month 6.

Does Spectral DNC contain minoxidil?

DNC-N is an effective alternative for men and women who do not want to use Minoxidil. Spectral. DNC-N is a leave-in serum formulated with 5% Nanoxidil a hair growth alternative to Minoxidil developed first by DS Laboratories.

Does Spectral DNC cause hair loss?

– When you first begin to use Spectral DNC® your hair loss may increase temporarily for up to 2 weeks. This temporarily increase in hair loss indicates that you are shedding old hairs to begin growing new hairs. If the increase in hair loss continues after 2 weeks, discontinue use and see your doctor.

What is Spectral DNC?

Hair Loss Treatment with 5% Nanoxidil: Spectral DNC-N is a hair regrowth alternative to Minoxidil developed first by DS Laboratories. Nanoxidil contains a complex matrix that works directly in the hair follicles, with a lighter molecular weight to enhance its bioavailability.

Does Nanoxidil grow hair?

DS Laboratories Nanoxidil Start your hair regrowth journey today. A trustworthy pioneer in hair and skin care, they also offer minoxidil. Nanoxidil treatments include beneficial botanicals as well. Choose from a variety of nanoxidil-based hair loss solutions and enjoy free shipping too.

Is Nanoxidil better than minoxidil?

The agent Nanoxidil, which is responsible for opening the ion channels, has a larger molecular weight than Minoxidil. This is the reason it is absorbed better by the skin. Clinical studies have shown that Nanoxidil has much fewer side effects than Minoxidil.

Is Nanoxidil as effective as minoxidil?

Minoxidil has been around as a hair loss treatment for nearly 40 years, but it’s certainly not perfect. Nanoxidil, by comparison, is virtually brand new. It doesn’t have the same amount of research behind it, but early studies indicate a similar efficacy as minoxidil in addition to a lower side effect profile.

Why is nanoxidil not FDA approved?

It has been reported that nanoxidil has fewer side effects and higher efficacy. However, the drug will only be approved by FDA for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia after its long-term effects have been studied.

Is nanoxidil as good as minoxidil?

Ultimately, nanoxidil has one less carbon atom and two fewer hydrogen atoms. That gives it a lower molecular weight and an extremely slight size advantage over minoxidil. In practice, this allows it to absorb into your skin slightly faster than minoxidil, giving it more penetration before evaporating.

Is Nanoxidil clinically proven?

In 2011, DS Laboratories launched the Spectral. DNC-N with 5% Nanoxidil. DNC-N has since proven to be an effective hair growth lotion . The effect has been demonstrated in a clinical study and the popularity of DNC-N is very high.

Can Nanoxidil cause hair loss?

Side effects and safety: nanoxidil vs minoxidil Acne. Increased hair loss.