Does the Narita Express go to Shibuya?

N’EX trains serve the Tokyo area and surrounding Kanto region. Going to Narita, trains begin from or stop at only a handful of stations including Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Shinagawa, Yokohama and Tokyo Station (where N’EX trains are split or combined) before arriving at Terminal 1 Station or Terminal 2 & 3 Station.

Is Narita Express operating?

Travel times and schedules The service operates 27 trains daily, which allows for the regularity and punctuality of the service. All N’EX trains anew their journey from Tokyo or Narita Airport every 30 minutes.

Which is better Pasmo or Suica?

The only difference between PASMO and SUICA is who sells them. SUICA is from JR East, and PASMO is from Tokyo-area non-JR rail operators, including Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway. Wherever you can use SUICA, you can use PASMO, and vice versa. Same with charging with new amounts.

Is Skyliner covered by JR Pass?

it is important to note that the Keisei Skyliner is not covered by any Japan Rail (JR) Pass. The NEX is however covered, making it a popular option for international visitors holding a JR Pass.

Where is Narita Express in Tokyo Station?

If you’re in Terminal 1, you may find yourself rolling down a ramp like this. The area will eventually open up, and you’ll see the JR East Travel Service Center shining red and black (the colors of the Narita Express). If you’re coming from Terminal 2, the train signs will take you to an equivalent JR ticket office.

Where can I catch Narita Express?

The Narita Express goes directly to the following major stations:

  • Tokyo.
  • Shinagawa.
  • Shibuya.
  • Shinjuku.
  • Ikebukuro.
  • Omiya (in Saitama)
  • Yokohama (in Kanagawa)
  • Ofuna (in Kanagawa)

How much is the train from Narita to Shibuya?

These comfortable, quiet trains take you directly from Narita to Shibuya in about an hour and a half, at a cost of ¥3,190 (or a reasonable ¥4,000 for a round trip). Check the timetable to see which N’EX trains go to Shibuya—not all of them go through this station.

What time does the Narita Express (NEX) depart from Tokyo Station?

The usual schedule includes a far greater number of services each day. For full details, please refer to the Narita Express (NEX) timetable to Narita. At this time, the earliest service departs Tokyo Station at 06:18 and arrives at Narita Airport at 07:18.

Can I use my JR Pass on the Narita Express train?

Pro tip: The Narita Express train is part of the Japan Railways (JR) network, which means that you can use your JR Pass on it. However, we recommend planning your travels carefully before activating the JR Pass, as once the clock starts, there’s no stopping it—and if you’re just going to be milling around Tokyo for a few days, it may be wasted.