Does Wilsonart still make laminate flooring?

Wilsonart laminate flooring manufacturing was discontinued in October of 2010 leaving many former customers looking for Wilsonart laminate flooring. Yet, many of the innovations that were developed continue to be built upon today.

Is Wilsonart laminate good?

Wilsonart has always been a dependable name in laminate countertops, and their HD® product line features laminates with greater visual depth and up to fives times the wearability of standard laminates. These products also incorporate antimicrobial protection.

How much does Wilsonart HD laminate cost?

Cost of Wilsonart Laminate Countertops

Wilsonart Laminate Countertops Costs Zip Code
Wilsonart Laminate Countertops – Installation Cost $62.50 – $63.50
Wilsonart Laminate Countertops – Total $221.50 – $247.50
Wilsonart Laminate Countertops – Total Average Cost per square foot $23.45

Is Wilsonart going out of business?

While the company will discontinue flooring operations on Oct. 29, DiGaetano said the business will officially cease operations on Dec. 3. He was quick to emphasize Wilsonart will continue to stand behind products sold prior to and throughout the shut-down period.

How do you clean Wilsonart laminate flooring?

To clean the surface, use a damp cloth or sponge and a mild soap or detergent. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and wipe dry. Difficult stains such as coffee or tea can be removed using a mild household cleaner/detergent and a soft bristled brush, repeating as necessary.

Which is better Wilsonart or Formica laminate?

The Wilsonart has a higher gloss to it than the Formica fx180, which I did like and probably would have purchased if it came in the pattern/color I wanted. It is true that premium laminate is not much cheaper than solid surface or the lower priced granites, but it works for our family and I am happy with it.