How are U-joint wings measured?

Winged bearings: Measure the distance between the holes directly across from each other and the pilot diameter. Make sure to take note of the style of the wings as there are many variations. On all U-joint styles, the measured dimension should be slightly less than the dimensions you’ll use to look up the part number.

What size is a 1310 U-joint?

Most common driveshaft u-joints applications will use outside locks, where lugs (image 1) or snap rings (image 2) are used to secure and align the u-joint caps in the yoke….Understanding U-Joints.

Series 1310
Cross Width 3.219 (3 7/32”)
Cap Diameter 1.062 (1 1/16”)
Spicer P/N 5-1310X

How do you measure a driveshaft yoke?

Place one end of the tape measure near the tip of the slip yoke. Place the other end of the tape measure near the middle of the slip yoke’s u-joint. Note the measurement on the tape measure to determine the length of the slip yoke.

How do you inspect a drive shaft?

Inspect the center bearing bracket, bracket bolts and mounting hardware and ensure they are not loose or broken. Inspect the center bearing bracket for cracks. With hand pressure only, push up and pull down on the driveshaft to check for movement in the center bearing carrier.

What is the difference between a 1350 and 1410 U-joint?

1350 joints are found in 1-ton trucks and use the wider body of the 1330 joint but with larger trunnions and caps. 1410 joints use a wider body but the same-size caps as a 1350 joint, making them perfect for high-horsepower, high-angle applications.

Are Spicer driveshaft U-joints good?

Spicer ® 10 Series U-Joints Spicer 10 Series driveshaft u-joints and other u-joints are manufactured using statistically controlled processes to ensure high quality. Zerks on both sides allow for thorough lubrication to maximize part life, and a steel journal cross ensures optimal strength and durability.

What are Spicer extreme U-joints made of?

Featuring an SAE-4340 nickel chromoly steel cross with an enlarged trunnion diameter for added strength, these u-joints are virtually indestructible. For more infomation on Spicer Extreme u-joints, contact your Spicer Performance sales representative.

Are Dana Spicer U-joints greaseable?

Spicer Life Series ® u-joints are available in greaseable and lubed-for-life/non-greaseable options. For our complete part number listing, visit We made Dana Spicer u-joints even tougher by covering them with a high-performance, high-durability blue coating.

What are Spicer Life series plus u-joints?

Global manufacturers already recognize Spicer Life Series (SPL ®) u-joints as a benchmark in quality. We took this trusted OE product and enhanced the grease, then improved the seal, spacer, and seal guard materials, to create u-joints with unrivaled performance and longevity: Spicer Life Series Plus u-joints.