How can I fix teeth with no money?

There are several options available for those who need free or low-cost dental treatment. For instance, your dentist may refer you to a community clinic that offers dental treatment for a low fee, or a nearby dental school where you can be treated for free or at a low cost by students in training.

Does Medicaid cover dental for adults in Alabama?

The Alabama Medicaid Dental Program covers certain routine preventive and restorative services for children under the age of 21 who have full Medicaid eligibility. Medicaid does not cover any type of dental care for adults.

Is Birmingham dental hospital free?

You do not have to pay for NHS dental treatment if, when the treatment starts, you are: Aged under 18. Under 19 and receiving full-time education.

Can the NHS fix my teeth?

NHS dental treatment is available to provide dental care that keeps your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. Dental implants are only available on the NHS in very rare cases, but there are alternative options and private options that can give you back your smile if you have missing or failing teeth.

Where can I get dental care for my child in Alabama?

Children that have Alabama / Georgia Medicaid and children covered under BCBS ALLKIDS can access Dental Care. Services are either free, or their may be a $5 co pay. Cleaning, extractions, and other aid is offered. Access an on-site community clinic that offers dental care, prenatal care, and other aid.

What services are offered at the Montgomery Alabama dental clinic?

A wide range and spectrum of dental care services are offered, including extractions, prophylaxis (teeth cleaning), dental screenings, crowns, and cleanings. Both the Montgomery Alabama area and the surrounding counties can use the services available at this medical and dental clinic.

Can I get dental care without insurance in Alabama?

If the patient has a minimal income, then they may need to contribute some money towards their health care bill. In addition, most of the dental and health centers in Alabama will not turn anyone away, even for emergency care. Therefore all individuals and families can receive some form of help, even if they lack dental insurance.

Where can I get free dental care in Dothan Alabama?

Small Smiles Dentistry of Dothan Dothan, Alabama 36303 (877) 373-5437 This local Alabama community clinic provides free or low cost dental care to low income and/or under-insured in the local community. The site accepts Medicaid and other government (both federal and state) insurance programs.