How can I get appointment in excise Punjab?

PITB has launched an appointment management system for Punjab Excise and Taxation Department whereby citizens can book an appointment online for taxation services at desired center via the website (

Who is current DG Excise Punjab?

Rizwan A. Sherwani – Addl. Director General Excise & Taxation Punjab – Government of Punjab | LinkedIn.

What is excise and taxation?

The Excise & Taxation Department is the main revenue collecting agency of the Government of Sindh which plays a paramount role in resource mobilization. The Department has been entrusted with two functions i.e. Tax collection and Narcotics suppression.

What is excise and taxation inspector Punjab?

The Excise & Taxation Department is the major revenue collecting agency in the State. The revenue is collected in the shape of various levies such as Taxes, Excise Duties and fee etc. under the various Taxation and Excise Acts enforced by this department.

How can I register my car online in Punjab?

Permanent Registration

  1. Sales Certificate in Form 21.
  2. Roadworthiness certificate in Form 22 from the manufacturers(Form 22A from the body builder)
  3. Valid Insurance Certificate.
  4. Proof of Address(Ration Car, Electricity Bill..)
  5. Design approval copy of STA in case Trailar or Semi Trailar.

How do I apply for a smart card excise?

Take a look!

  1. Visit your nearest Excise and Taxation Department office.
  2. Upon inquiring about the smart card, you will be given a form.
  3. Make sure there is no due token tax on your vehicle.
  4. Once you are done with the aforementioned process, it may take a couple of weeks for your Smart Card to get ready.

How do I pay my excise tax online?


  1. Online Payment of Excise Dues.
  2. Services by Appointment.
  3. Online Verification of Registered Vehicles.
  4. UIPT Property Tax Calculator.
  5. Motor Vehicle Registration and Post Transaction.
  6. System for Online Verification of PT10 Challan.
  7. Professional Tax Self Assesment.
  8. Issuance of Security Feature Number Plates.

What are types of excise duty?

Types of Excise Duty

  • Basic Excise Duty: Basic Excise Duty is levied under Section 3 of the Central Excises and Salt Act, 1944.
  • Special Excise Duty: Central Excise Duty is charged under Section 37 of the Finance Act, 1978.
  • Education Cess on Excise Duty: According to Section 93 of Finance (No.

What is the salary of excise inspector in Punjab?

PSSSB Excise Inspector Salary 2022

Posts Name Pay Scale
Excise Taxation Inspector Rs.35400/-

What is an excise inspector?

An excise inspector is responsible for collecting customs, central excise duties and service tax on goods imported to or exported from the country through ports and airports. They administer the process and influence the policies around it.

How can I register my old car in Punjab?

In order to register a vehicle in Punjab, the following documents should be submitted along with an application to the registering authority:

  1. Sales certificate.
  2. Roadworthiness certificate.
  3. PUC certificate.
  4. Insurance document.
  5. Customs clearance certificate.
  6. Proof of address.