How can I get unlimited internet in Sun?

Sun never really never cease to offer its subscribers the most economical internet load promos to register….Sun Internet Data Promos 2022 (Updated)

Sun Unlimited Surf 450 PHP 450 15 days Unlimited surfing To register, text Unli450 to 247
Sun Unlimited Surf 899 PHP 899 30 days Unlimited surfing To register, text Unli899 to 247

How do I register for Sulit surf 20?

To register, text SSP20 or SSP20 to 247 for Sulit Surf Plus 20, while SSP99 or SSP 99 for Sulit Surf Plus 99. Moreover, you can also avail by simply dialing *123# and select SULIT SURF PLUS.

How do I activate data on Sun Cellular?

How do I activate my GPRS, handset settings and data on/off?

  1. Text NET to 2300.
  2. You will be notified upon successful activation of the internet service.
  3. You will receive information on device settings.
  4. Enable Mobile Data and Data Roaming.
  5. Click “OK” for no additional charges. (

How do I subscribe to Sun promo?

Just text the keyword and send to 247. Yes, EXTRA offers are available nationwide. Extra offers may be availed by all active Sun Prepaid (including FLP) subscribers who are registered to any WAIS offer. The validity of your EXTRA offer will depend on which WAIS offer you are subscribed to.

What is Sun unlimited surfing?

Promising a wider coverage nationwide and a “consistent, fast, [and] reliable” connection, Sun Cellular is offering an unlimited Internet browsing with its Unlimited Surf 100 prepaid broadband subscription. It’s a 3-day access to the digital world for just Php100.

How do I register Sun Sulit Surf 249?

This promo is valid for 30 days and can be registered for ₱249 pesos only. To register, just text SSP249 to 247 using your phone….With Sun SSP249, you will have;

  1. 2 GB Mobile Data.
  2. Unlimited Calls to Smart/TNT/Sun.
  3. Unlimited Texts to All Networks.
  4. 60 Minutes of Calls to Other Networks.

How do I register my CTC10 Sun 2021?

To register, just text CTC10 to 247 using your phone….With Sun CTC10, you will have;

  1. 10 minutes Trinet Calls (Sun, Smart and TNT)
  2. 50 Texts to Sun.
  3. 50 Texts to Other Networks.
  4. Free Facebook (Up to 200 MB Per Day)