How can I stop my belly button from smelling?

The easiest way to prevent bacteria and dirt from collecting in your belly button is to clean it every day. Here’s how: Put a little bit of antibacterial soap on a washcloth when you’re in the shower. Using your index finger underneath the washcloth, gently wash the inside of your belly button.

Why is the inside of my belly button wet and smelly?

Dirt, bacteria, fungus, and germs can get trapped inside your belly button and start to multiply, which can cause an infection. If you develop a belly button infection, you might notice white, yellow, brown, or bloody discharge seeping out of it. That discharge might also have an unpleasant smell.

How do you clean an innie belly button?

How to clean your innie bellybutton

  1. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and gently rub the surfaces inside your bellybutton.
  2. Once the cotton swab comes out clean, use a fresh one dipped in water to rinse the alcohol out of your bellybutton so it doesn’t dry your skin.

Why you shouldn’t pick your belly button?

Most bellybuttons are a breeding ground for bacteria since they’re a dark, moist area where skin often rests against skin. As a result, you could get a yeast infection in your bellybutton.

Can I clean my belly button with peroxide?

Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you can use water, a saltwater solution, or hydrogen peroxide to clean your belly button. Dip one side of a cotton swab into a cleansing agent and gently wipe your belly button.

Why does my belly button smell weird?

Summary. When your belly button smells, it is usually because of a hygiene need or infection. The belly button contains several tiny skin folds that can trap sweat, dirt, dead skin cells, and bacteria. Possible infections include candidiasis, bacterial infections, or an infected urachal cyst.

Why does my belly button smell like fish?

You can also feel itching on your hands, arms, legs, and feet. According to studies, diabetes makes the health of the navel worse and leads to unpleasant-smelling discharge that may smell like fish or rotting cheese; if you notice that, you should have a blood glucose test. 6. Surgery The smelly belly button can also occur because of surgery.

Do you have an innie or outie belly button?

Accoring to a certain non-scientific poll, over 90% of all individuals have what is called a innie belly button (a belly button that faces inwards). The rest have an outie.

Is a stinky/smelly belly button bad for You?

Stinky/smelly belly button is, in most cases, not a serious health threat but it may point to a certain medical condition.

What causes smelly belly button and discharge?

Infection of the belly button and poor hygiene are main causes of the smelly belly button and discharge. This condition can be accompanied by bleeding especially when you have a belly button pierce.