How do I change the domain controller policy?

Open a command prompt, type gpmc. msc and press Enter to start the Group Policy Management Console. Expand Forest > Domains > domainName > Domain Controllers. Right-click Default Domain Controllers Policy, and then click Edit.

Should you edit the default domain policy?

Simple: never modify either your Default Domain Policy or Default Domain Controllers Policy. Instead, do the following: create two new Group Policy Objects (GPOs) to replace them.

How do I find the default domain controller policy?


  1. Start the Directory Management MMC (Start – Programs – Administrative Tools – Directory Management)
  2. Select the domain and right click on “Domain Controllers” and select Properties.
  3. Select the ‘Group Policy’ tab.
  4. The policies in effect will be shown, normally ‘Default Domain Controllers Policy”.

What are the default settings for default domain policy?

According to Microsoft training books the Default Domain Policy should only contain settings for password,account lockout, and kerberos policies. The Default domain controllers policy should contain your auditing policies.

Does default domain policy apply to domain controllers?

Default Domain Policy: A default GPO that is automatically created and linked to the domain whenever a server is promoted to a domain controller. It has the highest precedence of all GPOs linked to the domain, and it applies to all users and computers in the domain.

Do Domain Controllers get the default domain policy?

What settings should be in default domain policy?

“As a best practice, you should configure the Default Domain Policy GPO only to manage the default Account Policies settings, Password Policy, Account Lockout Policy, and Kerberos Policy“. “As a best practice, you should configure the Default Domain Controllers Policy GPO only to set user rights and audit policies.”

What settings are in the default domain policy?

Do domain controllers get the default domain policy?

How can I restore a default Domain Controller policy?

To restore the default domain policies, just simply run the command “DCGPOFIX” and press Y in all the prompts it asks after carefully reading and understanding what is about to happen. Any existing GPO named Default Domain Policy and Default Domain Controller Policy will be removed and replaced with the default policy.

Which domain controller options are enabled by default?

– Password policy. Determines default password policies for domain controllers, such as password history and minimum password length settings. – Account lockout policy. Determines default account lockout policies for domain controllers, such as account lockout duration and account lockout threshold. – Kerberos policy.

How to change the default domain?

Symptoms. In multi domain environment,there are scenarios where users consistently login to workstations that are joined to a different domain than that of the logged in user.

  • Cause. Its a common mistake that users make to skip the domain name and unknowingly attempt to login to a different domain than theirs and result in failures.
  • Resolution.
  • How to create domain controller Group Policy?

    – In the Group Policy Management console, expand the Forest: node. – These built-in GPOs can be customized to configure specific group policies on your managed domain. – The Group Policy Management Editor tool opens to let you customize the GPO, such as Account Policies: When done, choose File > Save to save the policy.