How do I choose RC shock oil?

Pick the thicker oil for higher traction and thinner for lower traction. Thinner oil improves grip on slippery track while steering becomes lazier. Thicker oil makes steering faster and more accurate.

How do you know what weight shock oil to use?

Hence, it’s important to use the correct shock oil weight in your RC vehicle….RC Shock Oil Weight Conversion.

CentiStokes (CST) Weight ( Wt) Approximate Weight ( Wt)
250 25 22.5
300 30 27.5
350 35 32.5
500 50 47.5

How much oil do you put in a RC shock?

RE: How Much Shock Oil? RE: How Much Shock Oil? 2oz… and you’ll have a little left over. After you dump the old oil out it’s best to clean any remaining oil the best you can.

What does thicker shock oil do?

the higher the shock oil number the thicker it is, the more resistance the shaft has. usually people use thicker oil for bashing and doing crazy jumps.

Is RC diff oil the same as shock oil?

There is no difference between diff and shock oil other than viscosity. Certain companies use certain ratings for both shock and diff oil. US-based companies like AE and Losi, rate their oils in weights.

Can you use motor oil in RC shocks?

It will work in a pinch and won’t hurt anything in the shock. I’ve seen guys use everything from motor oil to peanut oil. If you’re just bashing it will most likely be fine but you will find that having specific wt shock oils will really help when trying to dial in a suspension setup.

How full should RC shocks be?

Extend the shock shaft all the way down. Fill the shock with oil until the body is approximately 90% full. Step 2. Slowly pump the shock shaft up and down about 3-5 times to release air bubbles from underneath the piston.

What weight is Tamiya damper oil?

Tamiya generally supply one of two oils in the kits. The Yellow oil is #400, the clear oil is #900.

What weight is traxxas shock oil?

30 wt
Traxxas Premium Shock Oil (30 wt) This 100% pure silicone oil allows precise vehicle suspension tuning for maximum performance, no matter where you drive.

Can I use engine oil for shock absorber?

Motor oil will work fine. It will eat some seals.

Can you use RC diff oil in shocks?

Well-Known Member. They’re both silicone based, but diff oils are much thicker. 3000cst would be too thick to flow through the shock piston holes satisfyingly. The shock would be too hard.

What kind of oil is best for RC cars?

For most cars and most situations shock oil is by far the best option for your RC car. Motor oil can be used in a pinch but it is certainly not the best option for most people and cars. I love to spend time with my wife and 3 kids.

Why do RC cars have oil in them?

The purpose of the oil is to absorb shocks when the vehicle crashes. It is a product that can be pricey, but it is also a lifeline for crashed or damaged RC cars. So, it’s a small price to pay to make sure your prized RC car lives to drive another day.

How does RC shock oil affect the performance of the chassis?

Remember, the thicker the RC shock oil will be, the more viscosity it will have, and as a result, it will flow slower and cause less rebound and stiffer spring. How fast and when the chassis will roll depend upon the RC shock. Whereas, how far the RC chassis will roll will depend on the RC spring.

Can you use silicone oil for RC shocks?

There are mainly two types of oil used in RC shocks: motor oil and silicone oil. While you can use motor oil, it is not recommended since it is not environmentally friendly compared to silicone oil, and also, the motor oil can damage the parts of the RC car. Hence, you should use silicone oil for RC shock.