How do I find someone in Cobb County jail?

You can acquire information about inmates through the jails search page on their official website. If you can’t get the information you seek on these sites, you can call the Cobb County Jail Complex at 770-499-4200, 770-499-4221, 770-499-4255 or send a fax to 770-499-4200, 770-499-4221, 770-499-4255.

How do I put money on an inmate’s books on Cobb County?

Deposits may be processed by telephone by calling 888-988-4768 (Service provided by Global Tel Link, Inc.). You may be asked to provide the agency’s Site ID – 153 and entering the inmate’s ID number. Deposits may be processed on-line, log on to

How many inmates are in Cobb County jail?

There is 1 Jail & Prison per 73,907 people, and 1 Jail & Prison per 33 square miles….Cobb County Jail and Prison Statistics.

Total Jail Admissions 25,097
Total Jail Population 1,794
Female Jail Population 247
Male Jail Population 1,528

Does Cobb County Jail have video visitation?

Attention Visitors: After that you will be required to visit the facility with a valid photo ID to get approved to visit. You must have an approved visitor account to be able to video visit on the video visitation system.

What happened to the Cobb County Sheriff’s office booking photos?

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. 35-1-19, the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office will discontinue posting booking photographs to the Sheriff’s Office Web Site. Admissions Inmate Inquiry SOID: NAME: Format: Last name (space) first name Serial:In CustodyInquiry Reset Search

Where is the jail in Cobb County GA?

The Detention Division is comprised of the Jail, Work Deployment Facility and the Annex. The Cobb County Jail Complex is located at 1825 County Services Road. The Jail is a pretrial facility and encompasses approximately one million square feet under roof.

How do I get money from Cobb County detention center?

Individuals booked into the Cobb County Adult Detention Center may have money deposited to an account established for each person to purchase personal and food items authorized by the agency. Payments may be sent through the mail. US Postal Money Orders are accepted.

What is community engagement at Cobb County Sheriff’s office?

Community Engagement is at the core of our work at the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office. The Community Engagement team works closely with churches and other religious groups, civic organizations, schools, and others to strengthen ties and restore trust between the community and law enforcement.