How do I install Microsoft web Deploy?

To install Web Deploy separately using Web PI:

  1. Download the Web Platform Installer.
  2. Open WebPI on your desktop.
  3. Click in the search bar in the upper-right hand corner, enter “Web Deploy”, and press Enter.
  4. Select the Web Deploy that you want, and then click Add.
  5. On the Prerequisites page, click I accept.

What is Webdeploy used for?

Web Deploy is an extensible client-server tool for syncing content and configuration to IIS. Web Deploy is used primarily in two scenarios: Developers use it to sync (aka ‘publish’) a compiled web applications (ASP . Net, PHP etc) from developer tools (Visual Studio, WebMatrix, etc) to IIS.

How do I install web deploy on Azure VM?

Create a publish target from your development machine to your VM in Azure Stack Hub.

  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click your project, and then select Publish.
  2. In the Publish window, select New.
  3. Select Web Server (IIS).
  4. Select Next > Web Deploy > Next.

Where is MSDeploy EXE?

Open a Command Prompt window and browse to the location of MSDeploy.exe. This is typically at %PROGRAMFILES%\IIS\Microsoft Web Deploy V2\msdeploy.exe.

Can I remove Microsoft web Deploy?

In general, it is recommended to uninstall Microsoft Web Deploy by using the Add/Remove Program feature in the Control Panel. This error may occur if related installation file/registry is missing or damaged.

How do I use web deploy?

To install the tool using the default remote service URL

  1. Download the Web Deployment Tool.
  2. Run the Windows®Installer file to install the tool.
  3. Select a Custom installation.
  4. Click on the remote service node to install the remote service.
  5. Complete the installation.

How do I install web deploy?

– Download the Web Platform Installer. – In the upper-right hand corner, click in the search box, type “Web Deploy”, and press ENTER – Add the “Web Deployment Tool 2.1 for Hosting Servers” product and click Install.

How to migrate a website using Web Deploy?

{Optional – Migrate your site to the target by using the Web Deployment Agent Service} Install the remote service on either the source or the destination depending on whether you want to synchronize from a… Start the service on the computer. Console net start msdepsvc Run the following command to

How to deploy a website using Advanced Installer?


  • msix
  • msixbundle
  • appx
  • appxbundle
  • What is Microsoft web deployment tool?

    – Ability to synchronize or migrate the entire Web server, a Web site or application. – Synchronizes only the data that has changed. – Ability to detect missing dependencies during synchronization. – Automatically gathers content, IIS configuration, SSL certificates and ASP.NET configuration when you sync a Web site.