How do I listen to old diaries in BioShock?

BioShock 2 Press and hold _ to play the last diary you picked up. You can access a full list of diary messages from the _ menu, from which you can play back diaries that you’ve previously acquired.

What is the keypad code in BioShock?

The first door access code in the Medical Pavilion is a reference to System Shock’s first keypad access combination, which is 451. This is a motif that appears in other games such as System Shock 2 (45100), BioShock 2 (1540), BioShock Infinite, and the Deus Ex franchise.

Where are the audio diaries in BioShock?

Welcome to Rapture.

  • Medical Pavilion.
  • Neptune’s Bounty.
  • Smuggler’s Hideout.
  • Arcadia.
  • Farmer’s Market.
  • Fort Frolic.
  • Hephaestus.
  • How do you get nitroglycerin in Kyburz office?

    It’s found in Kyburz’ office of Hephaestus, which has Trap Bolts rigged all over the place. After disabling the bolts (Telekinesis, Sonic Boom or Hypnotize Big Daddy is the best way to do so), Jack presses the button on the desk that opens the hidden compartment containing the charge of Nitroglycerin.

    Is there going to be a BioShock movie?

    If there’s one unmade video game movie that everyone can gaze upon with wistfulness, though, it’s Gore Verbinski’s BioShock film adaptation. After many false starts, a new version of the project is now coming to Netflix.

    Does BioShock 1 have DLC?

    The original BioShock received one playable DLC, BioShock: Challenge Rooms. As the name suggests, Challenge Rooms offers players a selection of new areas that will predominantly test their combat and puzzle-solving skills.

    How many audio diaries are in BioShock?

    In total, there are 122 obtainable Audio Diaries in BioShock. Finding all of them in a single playthrough (with the exception of the ones removed from the game) will unlock the Historian achievement/trophy.