How do I make my cottage stand out?

9 tips to help make your holiday home stand out

  1. Understand Your Market.
  2. Consider Adding Features.
  3. Keep Your Home Up to Date.
  4. Add Personal Touches.
  5. Include a Welcome Hamper.
  6. Consider the Functionality of the Home.
  7. Don’t Forget the Essentials.
  8. Be Inspired by the Local Area.

What do you put in your holiday cottage?

Why not write a greeting, thanking your guests for choosing your holiday cottage!…From kitchen utensils to hair dryers, here is our little list of must-haves:

  • Tea, coffee, sugar and milk.
  • Hand soap.
  • Washing up liquid.
  • Hairdryers.
  • Iron & ironing board.
  • Full length mirror.
  • Coat hangers.
  • Bath towels.

How do you decorate a cottage UK?

Cottage decorating ideas – 13 ways to get a charming, characterful look

  1. Decorate in earthy, natural tones.
  2. Mix and match wooden furniture.
  3. Choose warm, earthy colors.
  4. Choose a Shaker-style kitchen.
  5. Create a homely, social space with a vintage kitchen table and chairs.
  6. Fill your home with garden flowers.

How do you style a holiday let?

Holiday let interior design and style Stick to keeping your décor simple with fresh, light and neutral colours as these have a wider appeal. Consider using the location of your holiday property as your design inspiration. Seaside homes with nautical themes including cool blues and greys are always a popular choice.

What should be included in a holiday let?

What to include in your holiday let welcome pack

  1. Offer a Warm and Friendly Greeting.
  2. Share Emergency Contact Information.
  3. Appliance Information.
  4. Dos and Don’ts.
  5. Local Transport Information.
  6. Attractions and Amenities.
  7. Leave a Small Welcome Gift.
  8. Go the Extra Mile.

What makes a successful holiday let?

Aside from the essential information, it’s a good idea to mention your holiday home’s best qualities – just don’t go overboard and ramble on for too long! Features such as log fires, hot tubs, and gardens with gorgeous views are sure to tempt people into making a booking.

What makes a good holiday let property?

5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Cottage Stand Out

  • Provide a welcome pack. Making your guests feel comfortable when they arrive at your holiday let is a crucial step to them having an amazing experience.
  • Know your market.
  • Invest in popular features.
  • Keep things up-to-date.
  • Don’t forget about the little things.

What makes a holiday let luxury?

Think five-star hotel Many guests staying in a luxury holiday cottage are looking for a five-star hotel experience which means top-quality bed linens, comfortable mattresses and fluffy towels. You could provide bathrobes, bottled water and even a sleep mask to complete the luxury hotel experience.

What is the best bedding for holiday lets?

Pure cotton bed linen is a great choice for bed linen for your holiday let. Neutral colours such as white or cream look great and can be accented with complementing colours to match your toom theme. An added benefit of single colour bedding is that you can replace individual items if some items require updating.

What’s in a welcome pack?

10 Welcome Pack ideas

  • A hygiene pack of shampoo and soaps.
  • A bottle of water in the refrigerator.
  • A bottle of wine, Champagne, or fruit juice.
  • Chocolate.
  • Local products promote the area and support other small businesses.
  • A candle or a postcard is a popular option or a handmade item from a local artisan.

What is a cottage interior design?

Cottage interior design is familiar to all of us – a cosy armchair by the fire, simple wooden furniture, quilt-covered beds to sink into… We’ve gathered our most inspiring interiors from around the archive

How to style a holiday cottage?

They should be the focal point when styling your holiday cottage. Regardless of the audience, note that old-fashioned, thrown together designs look hideous. Whilst constant coordination and dull colours look average. And nobody wants average. Holidaymakers want the equivalent or better than what they are used to at home.

What makes a cottage a country home?

Warm colours, plush furniture, and a generous scattering of art and antiques make these country interiors perfect settings for curling up with a cup of tea. Cottages have been part of the English ideal since the late nineteenth-century, when the Industrial Revolution sparked a longing on the part of city-dwellers for the rural life.

Do you need an interior designer to style a holiday home?

Styling a holiday home is no easy feat, it does take a trained eye to get it perfect but employing an interior designer isn’t always feasible. So, the job is left to you, which can lead to styling mistakes.