How do I receive HF Weather fax?

To use this software to retrieve a weatherfax, you tune your HF radio to one of the NOAA WX stations at the scheduled time and listen for the fax-like sounds. While running on the phone/tablet, the HP Weather Fax app listens to these sounds via the microphone and decodes the signals into the fax image.

What frequency is Wefax?


Frequencies 3 MHz,30 MHz
Frequency Range 3 MHz – 30 MHz
Mode USB
Modulation FM

What radio frequency is the shipping forecast?

Weather bulletins for shipping are broadcast daily on BBC Radio 4 at the following times: 0048 and 0520 (long wave and FM) 1201 and 1754 (normally long wave only)

What VHF channel is the shipping forecast on?

Frequencies: Longwave 198 kHz, VHF 92.4-94.6 MHz, (also MW 720 kHz in N.

What is weather facsimile receiver?

A marine weather facsimile receiver designed to receive and print high quality, high definition weather charts and satellite images, which are transmitted from onshore stations located around the world.

What is facsimile chart?

(Popularly called fax chart, fax map.) In meteorology, any display form of weather information, usually a type of synoptic chart, that has been reproduced by facsimile equipment. Master charts are plotted and analyzed at central weather stations and are transmitted to individual weather stations.

What is weather fax machine?

Facsimile (fax) is a means of providing weather information to ships at sea. The information is presented as a chart (map), showing barometric high pressures, low pressures, pressure gradients, wind speed and direction, and temperature.

How do I listen to the shipping forecast?

Frequencies. The Shipping Forecast is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 because its longwave signal can be received clearly at sea all around the British Isles regardless of time of day or radio conditions.

Which channel is used by many marinas in the UK?

The only duplex channels routinely used in the UK today are: – Channel 80: for Marinas, be careful when calling a marina on Channel 80 as you will not expect to hear other boats calling the marina only the marina’s response. – Channels 23, 26, 86: used by the coastguard for weather and navigation broadcast.

What is fax chart?

What is the weather fax?

Radiofax (also known as Weatherfax or HF Fax) is a method of transmitting monochrome images that preceded slow-scan television and the commercial fax machine. Radiofax was used in the 1950s to send weather charts over landlines as well as HF radio.

What is the frequency range of a fax signal?

Now you should heard the typical “Scratch” sound from a Fax signal, with white-tones are send with 2300 Hz, and black-tones are send with 1500 Hz. If you use Software for decoding Fax transmissions, use B&W with 2 bit Depth for the B&W weather charts

What is the RPM of a fax transmission?

The most Fax transmissions are send with a LPM (RPM) of 120 and a IOC (sometimes called Module) of 576. Only stations with Russian equipment sometimes use RPM 60 or 90 and sometimes a IOC of 288.

Do Your aircraft use VHF or HF radio?

Our aircraft never die, they simply go trans-oceanic. As the VHF radio only provides a local service, they use HF on the long haul Stateside.

What is the call number for the Halifax 120/576?

Frequen Call Name ITU RPM/IOC Remarks Mode 00122.5 CFH CF Halifax CAN 120/576 0520 schedule 02017.5 DHJ 51 Grengel Meteo D 120/576 02052.0 NOJ USCG Kodiak USA 120/576