How do I register my dog in Boulder CO?

If you are registering online you may be asked to upload current rabies vaccination documentation at time of registration.

  1. Purchase online. License My Dog Now.
  2. By phone. Note you must have valid rabies documentation on file to license over the phone.
  3. In person. Please download and complete the registration form:

Are dogs allowed in Boulder?

Dogs are welcome in most areas of Boulder’s city parks on a leash. In the following dog parks, you can let them run free in the designated dog areas: East Boulder Dog Park Expansive views and two huge ponds for swim time. Foothills Dog Park Plenty of space to run in a location that’s a little off the beaten path.

How many dogs can you have in Boulder County?

7 dogs
Limit on Number of Animals : A total of 7 dogs and cats combined are allowed. Boulder County Parks and Open Space : Restrictions vary by trail. Please check trail heads for specific information. Call 303-441-3950.

What percentage of Osmp trails allow dogs?

OSMP lands have approximately 155 miles of trails and 89 percent of them are open to dogs on leash.

Does my dog need to be licensed in Colorado?

Denver Licensing Ordinance The Denver Revised Municipal Code requires all dogs and cats 6 months of age and older to be licensed with the City of Denver within 30 days of being in the city. View the complete Denver Revised Municipal Code for animal licensing.

Do dogs have to wear rabies tags in Colorado?

Dogs must always wear their rabies tags. A Resolution for the control and licensing of dogs and pet animals.

Are dogs allowed on Pearl Street in Boulder?

Remember: Dogs aren’t allowed on Pearl Street Mall, downtown Boulder’s main drag from 11th to 15th Street (pfft, must be cat people), but there are plenty of surrounding restos, shops, and trails to get your wag on.

Are dogs allowed in Boulder Creek?

Leashed dogs are allowed in the campsites, picnic areas, and on paved roads. They must be on a leash and attended at all times. Dogs are also allowed on North Escape, a 2.5-mile one-way (5-mile round trip) paved road that is mostly gated off to cars and alongside old-growth redwoods, a creek, and lush undergrowth.

Can you be naked in Boulder?

It’s actually completely legal for woman to go topless in Boulder. But given the incredible amount of cat-calling and harassment on any given day warm enough for this activity, most ladies shy away from this privilege.

Does Boulder have breed restrictions?

Boulder has no breed specific ban and during this period of time the population of Denver was less than twice that of Boulder’s. Aurora banned the breeds in 2006 and has shown no decrease in dog bite incidents and of those incidents, the majority involve non-pit bull breeds.

Do you have to register your pet in Colorado?

Pet licenses are required by law in Denver. You can purchase online at or in person at Denver Animal Shelter (1241 W. Bayaud Ave. Denver, CO 80223).

Are pitbulls legal in Denver?

DENVER — Starting in 2021, it will be legal to own pit bulls in the city and county of Denver, so long as owners get their dogs permitted. In November, Denver voters repealed the 31-year ban on pit pulls in the city and county.