How do I search images on Imgur?

Go to, the search bar is located at the top of your screen, directly in the middle. Looking for a post shared to Imgur with the exact title ‘cats’? Type ‘titles:cats’ into search.

How do I find Imgur user albums?

From your username icon in the top right, click ‘posts’. Then choose your album from the posts that show up below. If you don’t see it, note the tabs on the left- ‘all’, ‘hidden’ and ‘public’.

How do I share a gallery on Imgur?

Go to the main Imgur front page, select all your images you want to upload in your image folder, and then directly drag them into the browser window, like the following image. Imgur will upload all of these images to your account and also sort them into an album for you.

How do I navigate Imgur?

Once you have tapped, beneath the image or images you’ll see comments left by fellow Imgurians. Once you’re viewing a post, you can continue to browse through the stream of images by swiping left or right. If you swipe left you’ll go to the next post in the stream and swiping right will take you to the previous post.

What happened to Imgur albums?

Images no longer show the ‘Add More Images’ button, only ‘Embed Post’ and ‘Delete Post’. The ‘Albums’ button that I used previously is gone as well. Hi Lizzy – We’ve changed how albums work as part of our privacy policy update. You can create albums by going to ‘New Post’ and selecting ‘Browse my Imgur Uploads’.

How do I view old Imgur?

The wayback machine archives as much web content as it possibly can. Often stuff that is no longer available, eg imgur images, can still be viewed through You can also archive pages on demand (save page now) if you fear a file or website may disappear in the future.

Can you be tracked through Imgur?

Posts uploaded without an account are anonymous and hidden. They cannot be searched and only those people with whom you share the URL will be able to see them. All images uploaded to Imgur are available via their direct URLs at any time, which means they can never be completely secret.

Who can see my hidden photos on Imgur?

Hidden posts are never entirely private because they can always be accessed by other people with access to the URL. A public post means that your post is shared with the Imgur community and is available for commenting, voting, and will appear in your user profile.