How do I search my iPhone calendar for events from previous years?

How to Search Your Calendar Using the Search Bar

  1. Open the Calendar app.
  2. Tap the search icon to open the search bar.
  3. Type in the name of the event or holiday. As you type, you will see events that match what you’re typing.
  4. Pay attention to the result’s date, as you will sometimes see results from the past or future.

How far back do iPhone calendars go?

You can scroll back more than one year, but the Search in the calendar app is limited to one year in the past. Fortunately, there are a number of 3rd party apps that use the iPhone’s calendar database and let you search any date range.

Why can’t I see past events on my iPhone calendar?

Open Settings → Scroll down and tap on Calendar. Exit the Settings app. Now, open the Calendar app and tap on Calendars. Pull the list down to refresh the calendars and wait for a while before all the events show up.

Does iPhone delete old calendar events?

If you have synced your iPhone with iCloud or another calendar service, the iPhone may automatically delete old events.

Is the iPhone calendar infinite?

Apparently, the iOS calendar is infinite. Here’s the year 10005 : r/ios.

How far back does Google Calendar go?

On desktop the history is forever, as long as you didnt delete anything. Yes, thanks for the tip. I found it but had to go day by day. Search seems to only look back 2 years or so.

Why does the calendar start at 1583?

The Gregorian calendar was introduced part way through 1582, so 1583 was the first full year of the Gregorian calendar. It is possible to extend the Gregorian calendar to before 1583.

Why do my old calendar events disappear?

You know that the cache in your device saves information from apps. The case is the same with Google Calendar app. Now when these cache files become corrupted, you may see your Google Calendar events disappear. That’s because these corrupted files hamper smooth calendar events syncing.

How did my calendar events disappear?

More often than not, the calendars get deselected due to some calendar storage glitches. If you, however, already checked the activation and the entries are still not visible, the problem becomes a bit more serious. At this point you need to know, if you sync your calendars/lists or if you keep them only locally.

Why is the calendar wrong?

The Gregorian calendar differs from the solar year by 26 seconds per year. Despite Lilius’ ingenious method for syncing the calendar with the seasons, his system is still off by 26 seconds. As a result, in the years since Gregory introduced his calendar in 1582, a discrepancy of several hours has arisen.

Where are my old Google Calendar entries?

Open Google Calendar on your PC web browser and sign in with the preferred Gmail account. Navigate to My Calendar on the left side and open the drop-down menu from your Calendar. Click View Trash. There you can find possibly deleted events.

Does Google Calendar have a year view?

Google Calendar has a year view. You probably didn’t notice they added it, but they did. You can use it. Click the view menu in the top right and select Year (or press Y on your keyboard) to see the entire year at a glance.