How do I setup my Avaya IP softphone?

You configure the Avaya 2050 IP Softphone using the settings dialog box. Click Start > Control Panel > Avaya 2050 IP Softphone. Click the Start > All Programs > Avaya > Avaya 2050 IP Softphone > Avaya 2050 IP Softphone Settings. Click File > Settings.

Does Avaya have a softphone?

The Avaya softphone is a telephone created to run on your Windows PC, instead of a physical device on your desk. It provides the ability to make & receive calls using your computer’s microphone and speakers. If you are making a call, the number appears as though it is coming from the University’s phone system.

How do I reset my Avaya Softphone?

Performing the Factory Reset

  1. Press the Menu button and navigate to the “Administration” menu.
  2. Select and insert the Admin password (default is – 27238)
  3. Scroll down the menu and select Clear.
  4. Press Clear again to confirm the action. The phone settings are cleared and the phone will restart.

How do I log into my Avaya softphone?

You must be logged into Citrix to use Avaya Softphone….Start Avaya Softphone

  1. Open the Avaya one-x Communicator program.
  2. Once the program has opened, enter your four-digit office phone extension and Softphone password then select Log In.
  3. On the Existing Login Detected window, select Yes.

Why is my Avaya phone not connecting?

You may just need to unplug and plug your phone back in. Note that your phone plugs into your network jack, and your computer plugs into the back of your phone. If that still doesn’t work, you may need to do a VLAN reset. Go to Move/Reboot/Reset an Avaya 4600 Set or Move/Reboot/Reset an Avaya 9600 Set.

How to check voicemail with Avaya IP Office?

Direct from an incoming call route

  • Using a short code
  • Via an auto attendant
  • How to setup an Avaya IP phone?

    Press ‘*’ to program.

  • Enter the code ‘27238’ and push the#key. Enter the code ‘27238’ and push the#key.
  • Select ‘ADDR’ and press the Start key.
  • There are many configurable IP addresses.
  • Enter phone IP.
  • Enter call server IP.
  • Enter router IP.
  • Enter subnet mask.
  • Enter HTTP or HTTPS server IP.
  • If using VLAN,populate VLAN ID.
  • How to program a DDI on an Avaya IP Office?

    Programming a button: a. Use the up and down keys to scroll the display to the function you want to apply to a button and press Select. b. If the function needs some data, for example an extension number or a number to dial, dial the number. c. Press the button to which you want the function applied. d.

    How to upload licenses in Avaya IP Office?

    – Avaya IP Endpoints License These licenses are used to license additional physical Avaya IP phones. This includes all 1600, 9600, DECT R4, Spectralink and VPN phones supported. – 3rd Party IP Endpoints License These licenses are used for support of non-Avaya IP phones including SIP extensions. – Avaya Softphone License