How do I update AutoStar Meade?

When downloading is complete, double click on the saved file to start the installation. Follow the instructions provided to install Autostar Update (ASU) on your machine. When installation is complete, start ASU by selecting “Start Menu” -> “Programs” -> “Meade” – > “AutoStar Updater”.

How do I update my AutoStar firmware?

To download and install the new firmware, run the AutoStar Updater (ASU. EXE) version 5.9 or higher and follow the instructions. If you have an older version of the Updater, click here to download the latest version. #497EP AutoStar hand controller software update.

What can you see with ETX 80?

With the ETX 80 Meade computerized telescope, you’ll see planets, stars, galaxies, and nebulae at the push of a button. A portable but stable tripod is included in this travel telescope package. Tripod features include a hook to hang extra weight for an increase in stability during windy conditions.

Do I need to polar align my telescope?

Polar alignment is an essential first step towards a night of visual observation or astrophotography. Why is it so important? By aligning the axis of your telescope mount with the motion of the sky, you can accurately track objects in space. It’s a rather simple process for German equatorial mount (GEM) owners.

How do I use the Autostar software?

The software lets you control all AutoStar functions from your computer or laptop. You can use it to create observing lists and download them to the AutoStar for use in the field when you don’t have your computer or laptop with you.

What are the computer requirements to use Autostar suite?

You can be in your living room to control the scope in your backyard, or just as easily, control a friend’s system in another country! The minimum computer requirements for installing the AutoStar Suite Software are a PC running Windows 98SE or later, with a minimum of 64 MB of RAM, and 200 MB of free hard disk space.

What is the Autostar suite astronomer’s edition?

Designed to be the ultimate platform for remote digital astronomy with your Meade telescope, the AutoStar Suite Astronomer’s Edition contains tools for dome controls, weather sensors, and other functions required for this purpose. You can reach your telescope and dome through a single network connection.