How do you beat the Lakebed Temple in Twilight Princess?

Slash at it while it’s vulnerable to defeat it. At the north end of the room, look up to the ceiling and there are some vines. Grapple over to them using your Clawshot and then drop down below. There are more vines at the south end of the room, so jump into the water and then climb up the vines.

How do you knock down a stalactites Lakebed Temple?

Equip Bomb Arrows and shoot the remaining stalactites to drop them to the ground. Cross the room using the fallen stalactites to reach the door. Note: To the left of the northern exit is a set of ledges with a small chest on top. The chest contains 10 Water Bombs.

How do you knock down stalactites in Twilight Princess?

In Twilight Princess regular (non-icy) stalactites appear in the Lakebed Temple. They can be knocked down using Bomb Arrows and can, once embedded in the ground, can be used as platforms to reach higher ledges.

How do I get Prince Ralis back in Zora’s Domain?

After giving Link the Coral Earring, Ralis returns to Zora’s Domain and rules over the Zoras. If Link visits him, he will welcome him and urge him to make himself at home.

How do you save your game in Twilight Princess?

Saving in Twilight Princess is performed using the Save button from the Collection Screen. An option to Save Link’s progress will also be given after certain events, such as clearing a Dungeon.

Do you need the Zora Tunic?

The tunic is immensely useful while exploring the Water Temple and in the completion of several sidequests. However, it is a completely optional item and is not strictly needed to complete the game, as all underwater objectives are able to be completed in the time before Link’s health expires.

Can links breathe underwater?

In Ocarina of Time, the Zora Tunic allows Link to breathe underwater. It is mostly used in conjunction with the Iron Boots and is essential when exploring the Water Temple.

How do you get to the lakebed temple on Wii U?

If you are playing on the Nintendo Wii U, check out the Lakebed Temple – HD Version. Start the Lakebed Temple by just swimming all the way to the north of this underwater area. You’ll come across two different enemies, a Shell Blade and a Bari.

How do you get the shell blade in the lakebed temple?

Once you enter the Lakebed Temple, swim ahead down this narrow corridor. You’ll reach an enemy Shell Blade, along with an electrified Bari. Just swim right past all the enemies and eventually you will resurface in one of the opening rooms.

What are the enemies in the lakebed temple?

Once you enter the Lakebed Temple, you will notice two enemies in the area: Bari and Shell Blades. Shell Blades are the large oysters that will leap at you and chomp on you to do a lot of damage. Bari are jellyfish which will electrocute Link if he gets close to them.

How do I get into the temple in the water temple?

Begin by swimming through the tunnel to enter the actual temple. Inside this room, climb the staircase and jump off the platform to grab the suspended gold lever to open the door behind you. Go through it to the next room. Wander forward a few feet to trigger a dropping stalactite. This should clue you in as to your next objective.